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Emme, one of the singer’s 10-year-old twins, plays a younger version of Jennifer, in the singer/ actress’s directorial debut for the clip, which is the soundtrack to her new movie Second Act.

The mother-daughter duo can be seen climbing a mountain against the elements in matching red suits before being thrown up into the air by a bevy of backing dancers.

Jennifer’s daughter also takes centre stage in a number of shots, and even breaks into some of her mum’s signature dance moves.

Proud mum Jennifer was full of praise for Emme when he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week ahead of the clip’s release.

“When I tell you, she was so amazing and I was so proud. I forgot that I was directing my first video, it was all about her. It was all about her,” the 49-year-old gushed to the late night host. “And when you see the video, it’s so empowering for, just to see her doing this but, like, for women. It talks about being limitless, it talks about having second act and it’s a beautiful message as well, and great to share with her, doing that. We really bonded.”

The movie also stars her best pal Leah Remini and This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia.


Written by People Magazine

Despite their star status, these actors, comedians, and musicians (and one prince!) think fatherhood is the best job.


Jimmy Fallon

“Moms should know that even the manliest guys will become softies when they have daughters,” the dad of daughters Winnie, 1, and Frances, 5 months, told Parents. “Dads immediately fall in love with their little girls, and will let them get away with everything. So moms are going to have to be the disciplinarians when it comes to daughters.”

Jimmy Fallon



Justin Timberlake

“I can’t wait to see our greatest creation yet,” said Timberlake at the iHeartRadio Awards, just weeks before the April birth of son Silas with wife Jessica Biel. “Daddy’s heading home right now to innovate by learning how to change a poopy diaper and get my swaddle on!”

Justin Timberlake


David Beckham

“He tells me to park around the corner, and then he gets out and he walks around to his school,” the soccer star told Jimmy Kimmel in January about his 16-year-old son, Brooklyn. “So he did it to me the other day, after doing it about five times on the trot. So I’m driving around, and he’s just walking in his school, and I open the window and I said, ‘Brooklyn! I love you!’ And, you know, obviously it didn’t go down very well.”

David Beckham

Ashton Kutcher

“When you first get them … you’re all excited, and you’re ready to do all these things,” the new dad to daughter Wyatt said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014. “Then you realize it’s like getting a new cell phone where all the features don’t work yet. It’s like a phone [that] won’t take pictures, and you’re like ‘Why won’t my phone take pictures?!’ And it won’t make calls, and it doesn’t do a lot. But it looks really cute!”

Ashton Kutcher

Ricky Martin

“‘Dad, was I in your belly?’ and I told him, ‘You were in my heart and you are still in my heart’,” said Martin in a 2014 radio interview explaining how one of his twin sons questioned his origins. (Sons Matteo and Valentino were born via surrogate in August 2008 to the single dad.) “So I explained further, because I couldn’t just leave it at that: ‘There was a woman that I adore with all my heart that helped me bring you into this world. She lent me her belly so that you could come and when you were born she put you in my arms.’ And he said, ‘ah, ok’ and he kept playing.”

Ricky Martin

Taye Diggs

“The most ridiculous thing I have heard myself say is, ‘Do you want your pop-pop, your banky or your baba?'” Diggs said in 2011, about his then two-year-old son Walker with former wife Idina Menzel. “Translation: ‘Do you want your pacifier, your blanket or your bottle?'”

Taye Diggs

Dave Grohl

“When you have kids, you see life through different eyes,” the Foo Fighters frontman and dad of three told Time in a 2010. “You feel love more deeply and are maybe a little more compassionate.”

Dave Grohl

Mario Lopez

“No matter what drama I deal with at work, when I get home and hear them scream, ‘Daddy!’ I forget whatever it was I was stressed about,” Lopez told People in 2014 of daughter Gia Francesca, 4, and son Dominic, 1, with wife Courtney. “The hardest part of my new life as a dad is leaving for work in the morning. These kids have totally changed my life. They are simply fantastic!”

Mario Lopez

Prince William

“I did the first nappy, it’s a badge of honor,” the Duke of Cambridge told CNN after wife Catherine gave birth to their first child, George, in 2013. “I had every midwife staring at me, saying: ‘You do it, you do it.'”

Now a father of two, including daughter Charlotte, the royal says becoming a dad has made him a lot more emotional. “I never used to get too wound up or worried about things,” he said in an interview for a British TV documentary on his family. “But now, the smallest little things, you well up a little more, you get affected by the sort of things that happen around the world…a lot more, I think, as a father.”  Will also revealed that, as a parent, he has some anxieties about his children growing up without a father. “You realize how precious life is and it puts it all in perspective,” he said.

Prince William

Ben Affleck

“They’re most important in my life,” Affleck said in Us Weekly in 2013 about his kids Violet, 9. Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3, with wife Jennifer Garner. “Family is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do other stuff in your life. In fact, having a family makes whatever other thing you have that much richer.”

Ben Affleck


Hugh Jackman

“The things that I really cherish are the everyday moments, like sitting around cooking pancakes together on Sunday morning, or getting home after a tough day and my kids come up and give me a hug and remind me what’s really important,” Jackman told Parade of being a dad to daughter Ava and son Oscar with wife Deborra-Lee Furness.

Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds

“We could end wars if we just carpet-bombed places with baby-head smell,” Reynolds told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in March when talking about his daughter, James, with wife Blake Lively. “We’d just be like, ‘What are we doing, guys? Come on. Let’s lay down our arms. Let’s high-five each other to death.'”

Ryan Reynolds

Chris Rock

“When I hear people talk about juggling or the sacrifices they make for their children, I look at them like they’re crazy, because ‘sacrifice’ infers that there was something better to do than being with your children,” said Rock in a 2012 interview on NPR’s Fresh Air. “And I’ve never been with my kids and gone, ‘Man, I wish I was on my stage right now.’ I’ve never been with my kids and gone, ‘Man, it’d be so great if I was on a movie set right now.’ But I’ve been doing a movie and wished that I was with my kids, I’ve been on tour and wished that I was with my kids. Being with my kids is the best, most fun thing, it’s a privilege. It’s not something I call a sacrifice.”

Chris Rock


Dax Shepard

“When I look at her, it’s like when I was in 7th grade and fell in love for the first time, where it’s debilitating,” said Shepard in 2013 of his then four-month-old daughter, Lincoln, with wife Kristen Bell. “That’s available 24/7 if I want, which is amazing.”

Dax Shepard


Chris Pratt

“I’ve done all kinds of cool things as an actor: I’ve jumped out of helicopters and done some daring stunts and played baseball in a professional stadium, but none of it means anything compared to being somebody’s daddy,” said Pratt about his now almost three-year-old son, Jack, with wife Anna Faris, during a 2014 speech at the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies. Born nine weeks early, Jack spent time in the NICU. “I made promises in that moment about what kind of dad I wanted to be and I just prayed that he’d live long enough that I could keep them,” he said.

Chris Pratt

Written By: Ellen Sturm Niz

Judith Toensing didn’t just teach her students, she inspired them. A sixth-grade teacher from Yuma, Arizona, Toensing made a strong impact on one of her students 21 years ago. At the end of the school year in 1997, Mrs. Toensing, wrote a note on the student’s report card: “It has been a joy to have you in class. Keep up the good work! Invite me to your Harvard graduation!.” This week, the student, Christin Gilmer graduated from Harvard as a doctor of public health.

Mrs. Toensing wrote a note on this 12-year-old's report card back in 1997.

Mrs. Toensing wrote a note on this 12-year-old’s report card back in 1997.
 Gilmer who is now 33, was only 12 at the time, but she kept the message all these years.
“It meant a lot to me to know that outside my mom, someone who knew me so intimately believed in my dreams and my ability to accomplish them,” Gilmer told CNN. Gilmer, who wrote a thank you note prior to her graduation, said Toensing was the first person to encourage her in the journey of studying public health.
“Ms. Judy Toensing, taught me about current events, global health, and human rights. She was the first person who passionately conveyed the plight of people living with HIV/AIDS to me,” the letter said.
This letter quickly grabbed the attention of school administrators, who decided to honor Toensing by inviting her to the 2018 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s convocation, at no cost to her.

Mrs. Toensing and Gilmer's mom posed for a photo after the ceremony.

Mrs. Toensing and Gilmer’s mom posed for a photo after the ceremony.
Dean Michelle Williams thanked Toensing — and all public school teachers — for the “immeasurably important” work they do.
“You don’t just teach young people. You inspire them, and you propel them along a path of fulfillment and service to others. Your work is what makes our work possible,” Dean Williams said.
This came to a surprise to Toensing, who felt “shocked, flabbergasted, humbled” when she received the invitation from Harvard, which was personally delivered to her by Gilmer.
“I have high expectations of all my students, so to hear that Christin had achieved this goal did not surprise me in the least,” Toensing told CNN. “I feel honored that Harvard chose to tell Christin’s story, her journey, and that I was a small part of that journey,” she added.

Christin Gilmer received her doctor of public health degree on May 23, 2018.

Christin Gilmer received her doctor of public health degree on May 23, 2018.
Gilmer who got her master’s degree in public health at Columbia University, says that Toensing always encouraged her students to think of ways to help others.
“She lit a fire in me that helping people is a powerful tool, and through education, you can better serve populations in need. I will never forget her passion for others,” Gilmer told CNN. As a student in Toensing’s class, she and others wrote a 100-page advertisement, interviewed the mayor and envisioned how recycling could work in their town 15 years before it actually happened, and helping others is something she plans to focus on.
“I would love return to southern Arizona to work in health, politics, and community development,” Gilmer said. “I wanted to learn from the best institutions in the world so that I could bring back the knowledge and skills I have obtained and share them with the communities from which I came.” Toensing, who says this experience revitalized and energized her to become a better teacher for her students, praised all the hard work Gilmer has done and believes this is just the beginning of a great future.
“She has many more miles to go, I know with her tenacity, her dedication, and her passion for helping humanity, she will be highly successful and that we will all be the better for knowing her,” Toensing said.
Toensing, who taught Gilmer all her sixth-grade subjects, now teaches sixth- and eighth-grade Social Studies.
Written By: Andrea Diaz, CNN
CNN’s Carma Hassen contributed to this report


Despite his sporting success over the years, David Beckham‘s greatest achievement is without a doubt being a proud father to his four children, whom he shares with wife Victoria Beckham. And in honour of Father’s Day, here at HELLO! Online, we have decided to take a look back at the retired footballer’s cutest moments with his kids, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Beckham!

The celebrity dad previously gushed about his children, explaining how fatherhood has become his number one priority since he retired from football back in 2013. In an interview with InStyle last year, he shared: “My children mean the world to me. Being a parent is always the best thing, but it can also be challenging as well because you want to set the right example. I feel that I do, but sometimes you make mistakes as parents. He added: “The children are very proud of me. They’re back in London, but they’re very proud and they know that daddy’s receiving an award tonight. They know that I go on these trips and I come back and I explain the trips to them. It’s always something to be part of this organisation, I’m very proud.”

It’s clear the Beckhams love spending quality time with one another as the 42-year-old often takes to his Instagram page to share gorgeous pictures of his brood. He also spoke to HELLO! about the importance of family time, explaining: “My family is the biggest accomplishment I have. I’m so proud of Victoria and my children; they’re my greatest achievement.”


David and Harper share sweet kiss on family safari holiday

There’s no denying that the sporting ace has a close bond with the youngest of the Beckham clan, his daughter Harper. During their family African safari last month, David shared a snap of himself and Harper sharing a sweet kiss, captioning it simply: “Kiss for Daddy <3”


David teases Brooklyn with embarrassing baby photo

Although many would think he’s the coolest dad, Brooklyn was left cringing after his dad shared an embarrassing baby photo on Instagram in honour of his 18th birthday! In the adorable snap, which shows a young Brooklyn with a beard of bubble bath, the proud father wrote: “This little man turns 18 tomorrow so as you can imagine I have many photos to post so here we go … Happy 18th eve to my handsome young man and best friend … @brooklynbeckham @victoriabeckham #18mañana.”


David chaperoned Brooklyn’s date

In 2015, David revealed how he accompanied his eldest son Brooklyn – then 14 – on his first ever date. During an appearance on The Late Late Show, the sports star told James Corden: “On his first date – Victoria was in London – it was Valentine’s day, and he said he’d love to take this girl for dinner. I said ‘OK great’ and I called Victoria and she replied ‘Really?’ So Victoria said, ‘OK make sure you take him, and make sure you sit in the restaurant’. And I was like, ‘Really, you’re going to make me do that?” and she said, ‘Yes, that’s the only way I’m letting him go’.” He added: “So we took him to a sushi restaurant, and he sat at the bar and I sat five tables back. My daughter is 4 years old but when she turns 14, I’ll be closer than that!”


David and his boys at sporting events

The father-of-four enjoys several father-and-son bonding moments. He often takes them to see football or basketball matches and even Wimbledon. Last month, David shared a snap from the Dodger Stadium with all three sons and in the caption, he wrote: “Opening day at the Dodgers baby ⚾️ 🇺🇸.”


David goofs around on Snapchat during kids’ ‘boring’ trip to the dentist

The doting father began to play around on Snapchat after he grew bored during a trip to the dentist with his children. Although he didn’t mention which child he was chaperoning, he decided to post a video of himself pulling facial expressions with a rabbit mask over his face while waiting. He said: “Kids teeth check-up and daddy got bored.”


David Beckham enjoys cuddles with son Cruz

Proud dad David recently couldn’t help but share a touching photo of him and his youngest son Cruz enjoying a cuddle. The former footballer and his ten-year-old son are shown overlooking a lake with pet dog Olive at their side in the sweet snap. “Cuddle with my little man… #cuddlewithcruzie,” he captioned the striking photo.


David cheering Romeo at the London Mini Marathon

In 2015, David and the Beckham family stepped out in full force to cheer on young Romeo, who took part in the London Marathon children’s race. The then 12-year-old successfully completed the three-mile run, raising £6,000 for charity in the process. The whole clan were pictured wearing t-shirts emblazoned with ‘Team Romeo’.

Image result for little harper beckham learning to ride her bike

Little Harper learning how to ride a bike

Written By: Sharnaz Shahid

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Human rights expert, former Law School dean, receives Harvard’s highest honor

Human rights expert Martha Minow, the Carter Professor of General Jurisprudence at Harvard Law School and a Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor, has been named a University Professor, Harvard’s highest faculty honor.

Renowned human rights expert Martha Minow, the Carter Professor of General Jurisprudence at Harvard Law School and a Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor, has been named a University Professor, Harvard’s highest faculty honor.

Minow, who was dean of Harvard Law School from 2009 to 2017, will begin her appointment as the 300th Anniversary University Professor on July 1.

Known for her wide-ranging intellectual curiosity and influential interdisciplinary scholarship, Minow has offered original ways to frame and reform the law’s treatment of racial and religious minorities as well as women, children, and persons with disabilities. She has taught and written about privatization, military justice, and ethnic and religious conflict, among other matters. Her work in constitutional law has addressed issues of equal protection, freedom of speech, the religion clauses, and federalism. Her current work focuses on whether and when legal systems and rules should promote forgiveness.

“Martha Minow is a scholar of extraordinary scope, imagination, and impact, whose wide-ranging work is anchored in a deep commitment to justice,” said Harvard President Drew Faust. “Throughout her career, she has powerfully combined scholarship with service and education with inspiration. It is a special pleasure to recognize her with the 300th Anniversary University Professorship.”

John F. Manning, Morgan and Helen Chu Dean and Professor of Law at Harvard Law School (HLS), noted that “Martha Minow has been a transformative scholar across multiple fields and disciplines, a devoted and influential teacher, an innovative and impactful dean, and a tireless advocate for those in need of legal services.

Image result for martha minow

“I am delighted that the University has recognized her extraordinary contributions to Harvard and to the world by appointing her the 300th Anniversary University Professor,” said Manning.

Among Minow’s most influential works are two books, “Between Vengeance and Forgiveness,” which addresses legal and societal responses to mass violence, and “Making All the Difference,” which examines the legal treatment of group differences and identities in areas including race, gender, disability, and sexual orientation. She is frequently cited for her publications on the interpretation of rights, on the privatization of traditionally public services (such as prisons, schools, and police), on the influences of social history on family law, and on violence within families and between groups.

“It is an honor to teach and study at this extraordinary University, as it was to serve as dean of the Law School under President Faust’s outstanding leadership,” said Minow, who also was a fellow last year at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. “And now, this recognition moves me to work even harder to try to advance justice with every possible tool. This new appointment provides energizing encouragement as I return to the classroom after a wondrous, boundary-crossing year with generous colleagues at the Radcliffe Institute. I am particularly humbled to follow Laurel Ulrich and Derek Bok, whose works exemplify imagination, rigor, and conscience. I will work hard to be worthy of the great traditions and aspirations of Harvard and the project of using reason to advance understanding, opportunity, fairness, and peace.”

Image result for martha minow

A recipient of nine honorary degrees, Minow received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan (1975), a master’s degree in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (1976), and a law degree from Yale Law School (1979), where she was an editor (1977–78) and then the articles and book reviews editor (1978‒79) of the Yale Law Journal. Following law school, she was a clerk to Judge David Bazelon of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit (1979–80) and Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall of the U.S. Supreme Court (1980–81).

A highly regarded and dedicated teacher who has taught more than 25 different courses, seminars, and reading groups at the Law School, she began her academic career there as an assistant professor of law in 1981. She was promoted to professor of law in 1986 and to a named professorship in 2003. She received HLS’ Sacks-Freund Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2005, and chaired the HLS curricular review from 2003 to 2007. She holds an appointment as lecturer on education in the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and is a longtime senior fellow in the Harvard Society of Fellows.

As dean of the Faculty of Law from 2009 to 2017, she guided HLS through a time of strong faculty hiring, notable curricular and pedagogical innovation, significant expansion of the School’s clinical programs, growth in financial aid, emphasis on public service, enhancements of the physical plant, and careful financial management. She is past acting director of what is now the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard, and was the inaugural chair of the Deans Steering Committee of the Association of American Law Schools from 2013 to 2015. She has delivered more than 75 major lectures in this nation and abroad on topics ranging from religion, medicine, and law to genocide and mass violence, from the legacy of Brown v. Board of Education to access to justice.

Image result for martha minow

Besides Minow’s scholarship, teaching, and service to Harvard, she is highly active in service to the legal profession and the broader community. Since 2010 she has been vice chair of the board of directors of the Legal Services Corporation, the largest funder of civil legal aid for low-income Americans, and previously served on the Boston Bar Association Statewide Task Force to Expand Civil Legal Aid in Massachusetts. She serves on the boards or advisory councils of such diverse organizations as the Advantage Testing Foundation, the American Bar Association Center for Innovation, CBS, the MacArthur Foundation, the MIT Media Lab, the Russell Sage Foundation, and WGBH.

The University Professorships were established in 1935 to recognize individuals whose work on the frontiers of knowledge crossed the traditional boundaries of academic disciplines. University Professors can teach and pursue research at any of Harvard’s Schools.

Minow will occupy the University Professorship held since 2006 by the American historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, who will retire on June 30. Prior incumbents include President Emeritus Derek Bok.


Photo by Ken Richardson

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Eva Longoria has been an actress, a producer, and an activist, but now, she’s taking on a brand-new role as a first-time mom.

On Tuesday, Longoria welcomed a baby boy named Santiago Enrique with her husband Jose Antonio Bastón.

Eva and Jose shared the first photo of their little boy with Hola! USA, telling the site, “We are so grateful for this beautiful blessing.”


Image result for eva longoria son



In March, she talked about how she intends to raise a feminist son.

“I’m so excited that I’m having a boy because I think the world needs more good men,” she said in an Instagram video on International Women’s Day.

“This boy, my son, will be surrounded by very strong, educated, powerful women and I think it’s important that he sees those types of role models in his life so he knows how to support it, how to applaud it and how to honor it.”

The new mom is currently hard at work directing episodes of Black-ish and producing the ABC drama pilot Grand Hotel. She continued to work far into her pregnancy, posting pictures of herself on set up until this month.


Written By: Alexandra Whittaker

For those who call the concrete jungle home, transporting themselves from Manhattan to Montauk every weekend is enough of a struggle. For most, the commotion to get to the ocean consists of the following: sitting on the Long Island Expressway in bumper-to-bumper traffic, catching the last Hampton Jitney or earliest LIRR, and last but not least, micro-managing the splitting of an Uber bill amongst friends (oh, and the not-so-casual barrage of texts to those past-due on their amount owed).

Now picture the endless Goyard duffle bags slipping off your arm, overflowing with practically an entire summer’s worth of clothing for one weekend. We’re all guilty of committing this clearly unnecessary crime, and end up using around 15% of the total baggage we lug like weightlifters to and from the Hamptons.

But now you can cast your worries (and baggage) aside, because there’s a new service in town. Local entrepreneur, Danielle Candela, has created the solution to solve every weekender’s first class, first world problems. Her company, Tote Taxi, will transport your bags, golf clubs, bicycle, designer duffles, and more all across the island. Plus, the service has teamed up with BLADE to offer door-to-door pickup, and eliminate the issue of weight restrictions on your flight.

With plans to expand, Tote Taxi currently offers service from Manhattan on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and from Montauk to New York on Sunday and Monday.

Book a bag and check out the service HERE. Believe us, it’s tote-ally perfect.



Written By: Danielle Spoleti

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Image result for grace kelly

Prince Albert ll of Monaco, Princess Caroline and Princess Stéphanie posed together at a celebration on the eve of what would have been their mother’s 88th birthday. The siblings gathered in front of the Theatre Princess Grace as the Princess Grace Foundation-USA celebrated the 35th anniversary of the foundation that honors her legacy.

The event featured a screening of The Country Girl, for which Princess Grace won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1955.

It’s been 35 years since Princess Grace — who wed Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956 — died tragically after suffering a stroke while driving back to Monaco from the royal family’s country home on Sept. 13, 1982. She lost control of the car and drove off of a steep mountainside. When paramedics arrived, she was in critical condition.

She and her then-17-year-old daughter, Stéphanie, were transported to the hospital, where Grace later succumbed to her injuries. Stéphanie suffered a concussion and fractured vertebra.

Prince Albert and his mother, Princess Grace, in 1974

Prince Albert and his mother, Princess Grace, in 1974

Recalling the tragic day in a recent interview with Graham Bensinger, Albert said he was having breakfast when his father came in to tell him about the crash.

“Basically, he said that we had to go down to the hospital because mom and Stéphanie had an accident,” Albert said. “And so I didn’t think twice about it and went down with him and [sister] Caroline as well.

He continued, “It was a very shocking moment, you’re not quite sure what to think, and of course, you think that things are going to improve and it’s not as bad an accident as you thought it was. And so those few hours there were very tense and very emotional.”

Grace Kelly’s children have gathered together for a rare, new family photo


Albert also spoke out about Stéphanie’s recovery and how she came to terms with her mother’s death.

“It took a very long time for her to recover from this, and it was a very painful recollection for her,” Albert said. “It took a number of years for her to come to terms with that — the pain of being in that car with our mother and not being able to pull her out or to have a different outcome.

He added, “It was a traumatic experience and would be for everybody.”

As for their father, “He was deeply affected and he wasn’t quite the same man as he was before the accident.”

Princess Grace introduces Prince Albert, with her husband and eldest daughter Caroline
 Princess Grace introduces Prince Albert, with her husband and eldest daughter Caroline
Albert told PEOPLE over the summer that Stéphanie now “takes great care” of two rescue elephants, Baby and Nepal, who live in her brother’s backyard on a mountaintop above the Principality of Monaco.

Baby and Nepal have also found fans in Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, Albert’s 2-year-old twins with Princess Charlene, who “visit across the road regularly and know what elephants are now.” The siblings are animals lovers themselves: Their own farmhouse menagerie includes dogs, chickens, cows and llamas.

Stephane Cardinale

Prince Albert also recently gushed to PEOPLE of his other sister, Princess Caroline, calling her “quite a remarkable woman.”

“What’s she’s done over the years, helping Monaco in various ways, on the cultural and charitable sides — she’s always there. She’s often the first person on board.”

I have just returned from Gstaad, Switzerland where I celebrated my birthday in a week long fest of unimaginable delights!


The moment I arrived to Le Grand Bellevue I was instantly treated like a pampered Queen. I have three favorite Hotels in Gstaad….which are all quite different and magical in their own way: Le Grand Bellevue, The Palace, and The Alpina.

The constant personal care and attention I received at Le Grand Bellevue was par excellence. Lovely handwritten notes accompanying beautiful deliciously arranged delicacies are daily and there is no demand be it large or small that does not receive immediate consideration.


The concierge arranged personal drivers, dinners, special events, and made numerous calls on my behalf to secure the best possible of everything I was interested in. Service is in the details and Le Grand Bellevue makes a point to go far beyond the required niceties…..they even sewed a missing button on my blazer in a matter of minutes, and produced a pair of racing gloves at a ridiculously early hour in the morning.


I love the interior…. as it is in complete contrast from the historic facade. This is brilliant because it is a spectacular surprise to see the Modern whimsy of enthusiastic colors and rich fabrics marrying beautifully with bird cage swing chairs and custom couches galore. This Hotel is perfect for families…the children love it here, and the gigantic stuffed camel at the entrance can attest to this!


This luxurious 5-star superior Hotel is located in a Park in the center of Gstaad, walking distance to the center of the stylish Promanade. The fresh mountain air is a must after dinner, as it rejuvenates the lungs….regardless of the hour, after dinner I walked every night, under the star filled sky and white topped chalets.


The award winning Leonard’s at the Bellevue was awarded with 1 Michelin star and 14 Gault Millau points. The food was divine and the service extremely attentive, always making sure everything was to my satisfaction.

Extended dining facilities include Le Petite Chalet, a darling Swiss Mountain Cabin that serves traditional local specialties while the bar has a vast repertoire of cocktails. I also loved the hot Chocolate menu, so decadently exquisite, offering many variations …my favorite was the extra dark chocolate with home made whipped cream….heaven!


The Disco, called Bouquet is located on the lower level of the Hotel and  provided intimate dancing with fabulous music. My chilled coconut water was the perfect backdrop for a late night twirl.



We here at OFM are awarding Le Grand Bellevue with 5 Stars…our highest rating. I look forward to my return in July where I will spend two weeks…working on my novel, painting, and writing about all the marvels that beautiful Gstaad has to offer.