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Romantic and beautiful…..detailed and feminine, is what I adore in well made clothes. Alistair James exudes this in spades. The entire collection is well thought out, an OFM favorite for those casual evenings to meet a friend for a cocktail, or a light Sunday Brunch…easy, effortless and lovely.




Alistair James is the eponymously named label of design duo Nicholas Alistair Walsh and David James Wise.

From their South London studio, the pair are focused on fable, whimsy and alluring textiles. Exploring an english sensibility, evoking characters in a balance of craft and consideration.





Nicholas is a womenswear designer, born and raised in West Yorkshire. His world has been encompassed around textiles from a young age through his family links with theatre drapery. Alongside graduating BA womenswear in 2014, he has worked at both Gareth Pugh and Alexander McQueen, making avant-garde pieces for shows and clients.


David is a London born textiles designer and has been working for some of the worlds leading fashion houses, notably Alexander McQueen since 2010. During this time he has been honing his craft; working with a broad range of styles and methods of textile manipulation.



Alistair James

l Lessing Street

London SE231DS



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” What do the Holidays mean to you, and what should they mean to the world.”

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We are thrilled to have Laura Bounin join us this Holiday Season….. Laura grew up in Paris and attended the prestigious boarding School, Le Rosey. She is currently studying at Regents University in London for a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Journalism. She speaks and writes three fluent languages …French, Romanian and English. In the Springtime she will be graduating, year 2016. We here at Old Fashioned Mom Magazine are proud to introduce Laura Bounin!


Ah! It is that time of the year, the Christmas bells are ringing, you can smell the flavor of the Christmas Turkey and admire the marvelous presents underneath the Christmas tree, though it is not the time to open them just yet…

christmas tree2

As the Christmas Holidays are approaching it is a great time of year to be next to your loved ones and enjoy quality moments, as there is nothing more important than family traditions! It is also a great time for you to invest more in yourself and to start doing all these little things you never made time for throughout the year. Holidays are the chance for you to finally go out of your daily routine. Go ahead and read this book that has been sitting on your shelf for so long, go sign up to this yoga class, learn a new language, call up that old friend of yours you haven’t talked to in so long. Holidays are a good time of the year to reconnect with your inner self.
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Though, holidays are also about traveling! For my part I think there is no greater time of the year to go out and explore the world! There is a dazzling amount of opportunities on our doorstep; it is time to release the hidden Christopher Columbus hiding inside each of us and to go explore the treasures of the world. There are so many ways in which one can enjoy a holiday, whether you prefer savoring a cocktail on a beautiful beach in Bali while admiring a wonderful sunset, going for a trek on the Himalaya Mountains, visiting an old Maya temple in Mexico, or going skiing to the French Alps. You get my point, holidays are really for everyone, the lazy, the adventurous, the athletes. Holidays don’t put anyone aside. We travel in the purpose of discovering other lives, other souls, other cultures and to find ourselves speechless in front of the beauty of the world!
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There is no such luxury and treasure as the one a holiday can bring, culture, knowledge and memories come together and become one. Sometimes all we need is a beautiful place, with beautiful souls far away from home just to rest and remove all sort of negativity from our lives. We will never truly know all the surprises a holiday can bring, it might be a new lover, a new friend, a new job. We should go places we’ve never seen before, and travel the whole world with people we love. Holidays are a great opportunity to fill your life with experiences and stories to tell. Rich is the man who has the chance to marvel at small thing and fill his heart of the world’s beauty.

So let’s embrace the luck of this wealth, and let’s travel and create our memories for tomorrow with the people closest to your hearts and souls, let’s allow ourselves to feel experiences as they are, only focusing on the present moment, because now is all we have and everything in this life is ephemeral except the memories we make.

St. Augustine said it himself : « The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page » .

We are the sole writers of your book so let’s go explore the unknown and create a story worth reading for this new Holiday season!

By Laura Bounin



Susie & Rose are a mother daughter team. For years they have talked about creating a clothing range together.  Susie, Rose’s mum, has worked as a professional dressmaker for over 50 years. Rose has always had a keen interest for design and fashion, designing her own clothes from a young age.


Starting work at the early age of 14 years old, Susie, began her career in theatrical dressmaking based in Soho, London. It was here that she made clothes for David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and television programs such as Upstairs Downstairs (and even on the recent remake too!).


Following this, Susie went on to work in high fashion for nearly 20 years. Working for David Fielden Bridal Couture for 17 years and Jasper Conran.


In the last 15 years Susie has made the move back to theatrical dressmaking. Working for Adrian Gwillym and his team at Academy Costumes, on projects such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Casino Royale.

susie & rosespacer

Susie currently works for Pat Farmer and team, working for the BBC on commissions such as Tess of the D’Urbervilles, The Mighty Boosh, Call the Midwife and Little Britain.



Once you have ordered your Susie & Rose garments online, we will start to hand tailor them in our workshop. You can even follow them being made via our blog and twitter page! Please expect a two week wait till you receive your goods as we individually make them for you.All of our products are limited edition designs. We want our customers to own something that is beautiful and unique, that stands out from the crowd and not only that – has an interesting story that comes with it!Susie & Rose will release new designs every few weeks. Making our collections fresh, inventive and something for our customers to look forward to in our new releases.

Our aim is to create a world away from the generic mass produced high street fashion. Instead of buying clothes that are considered “throw away fashion” to buy garments that are treasured forever.




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