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As worldly as I think I am my children always remind me I am “good old Mom” at the end of the day, and quite frankly there is no other role I would rather play. This is my staring role…..and I plan on winning an academy award, because when it is all said and done my children are my greatest legacy. All of the other things I do in my life are important but never as important as my being there for my children.

I hope to share with you my “favorites” from recipes to travel to good old fashioned advice. Of course we will have our monthly celebrity Mom and take a peak into how she manages to do it all…..or does she? It is hard to do it all, as we well know but somehow it manages to get done!

I encourage you to send me your favorites as well! Motherhood is a marvelous journey, let’s unite as Mother’s and share our stories with one another!

Michelle-Marie Heinemann



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*Michelle-Marie Heinemann is an Artist, Writer and Philanthropist who resides in New York, with her two precious children, Hudson and Hyacinth.