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For those who call the concrete jungle home, transporting themselves from Manhattan to Montauk every weekend is enough of a struggle. For most, the commotion to get to the ocean consists of the following: sitting on the Long Island Expressway in bumper-to-bumper traffic, catching the last Hampton Jitney or earliest LIRR, and last but not least, micro-managing the splitting of an Uber bill amongst friends (oh, and the not-so-casual barrage of texts to those past-due on their amount owed).

Now picture the endless Goyard duffle bags slipping off your arm, overflowing with practically an entire summer’s worth of clothing for one weekend. We’re all guilty of committing this clearly unnecessary crime, and end up using around 15% of the total baggage we lug like weightlifters to and from the Hamptons.

But now you can cast your worries (and baggage) aside, because there’s a new service in town. Local entrepreneur, Danielle Candela, has created the solution to solve every weekender’s first class, first world problems. Her company, Tote Taxi, will transport your bags, golf clubs, bicycle, designer duffles, and more all across the island. Plus, the service has teamed up with BLADE to offer door-to-door pickup, and eliminate the issue of weight restrictions on your flight.

With plans to expand, Tote Taxi currently offers service from Manhattan on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and from Montauk to New York on Sunday and Monday.

Book a bag and check out the service HERE. Believe us, it’s tote-ally perfect.



Written By: Danielle Spoleti

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