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Hudson Heinemann, Michelle-Marie Heinemann Jon Heinemann, Michelle-Marie Heinemann, Hudson Heinemann and Hyacinth Heinemann host an Enchanted Evening in the Garden celebrating The Hampton Classic Maidstone Inn, East Hampton, NY

Hudson Heinemann, Michelle-Marie Heinemann Jon Heinemann, Michelle-Marie Heinemann, Hudson Heinemann and Hyacinth Heinemann host an Enchanted Evening in the Garden celebrating The Hampton Classic Maidstone Inn, East Hampton, NY

Old Fashioned Mom Magazine hosted a spectacular enchanted Garden Party at the famous Scandinavian Maidstone Inn in East Hampton in honor of the Hampton Classic. Guests nibbled on passed delicacies including chicken satay, goat cheese and truffle cream wontons and bacon wrapped scallops. A special cocktail called “The Hampton Classic” was created as a symbol of good luck to all the riders which included Hudson and Hyacinth Heinemann.
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Andrea Warshaw Wernick is a women’s health care, weight loss and stress management consultant and, most importantly, a mother and grandmother.

“I always say that happy people are healthy people. Our minds and our bodies intimately are connected. Everyone has their share of bad days, but if you find yourself feeling more down than up—it is possible to change your outlook.”

Here are 10 ways to move up the emotional scale and begin turning negativity into optimism.

  1. Learn to forgive. Have you ever heard the saying that holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die? Well, accepting that people make mistakes, forgiving them and letting it go is like a green juice for the soul. It will instantly make you feel better. Plus, when you practice forgiving others, it has a boomerang effect. The next time you screw up, you’ll be less hard on yourself.
  2. Visualize daily. Often the things you focus on most appear in your life. So spend a little time each day visualizing what you really want. Don’t let other thoughts interfere with your concentration. You might want to buy the book Creative Visualizations by Shakti Gawain. It really helped me get a husband!
  3. Focus on the present. This is a difficult task but if you accomplish it you will have a better life. When you find yourself obsessing about something that happened or feeling anxious about something that might happen, stop and remind yourself that you can’t change the past or control the future. What you can do is learn from the past to do better in the present so that you can succeed in the future.
  4. Keep a journal. Before you go to bed, it’s helpful to write down all your daily thoughts as well as a to-do list for the next day. Knowing that your to-do list is ready for you in the morning and that you don’t have to remember anything will help you fall asleep peacefully. Writing down your thoughts can help you to let go and identify patterns in your thinking that might need a tweak. This is an excellent mind exercise.
  5. Think only positive thoughts and smile every day. Smiling and focusing on the positive things in your life help to release happy hormones in your brain. So make a conscious effort to smile as much possible and think better thoughts by squashing the negative ones when they pop up and replacing them with something more uplifting.
  6. Look people in the eye. When talking with anyone, it’s important to look that person directly in his or her eyes. Looking away or down telegraphs inferiority. Even if you don’t feel confident, try holding another person’s gaze until it starts to feel natural. Confidence will follow.
  7. Stay sharp. We all do the same things each day and it can begin to feel like you’re living on cruise control. Shake things up by learning something new. This can shock your brain into a higher gear. It could be anything—learning a new language, making a model plane or even becoming a blogger! LOL.
  8. Don’t take life too seriously. We all work very hard to be the best we can but it’s important to have fun while you’re at it. Try to laugh more, lighten up and learn from your mistakes rather than beating yourself up.
  9. Get and stay fit. A fit body leads to better health and increased confidence—two important aspects of a long, happy life.
  10. Help others in need. Once you start reaching out to those less fortunate, fulfillment is not far behind. Plus, it’s contagious. So pay it forward and learn to love your fellow man.

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Entrepreneur and creator of all things fabulously unique, Tracy Stern presents her newest venture, Skateboard Studio.

May 2015, New York, New York. Skateboard Studio is a collection of artfully designed skateboards inspired by color, art, pop culture,movies,nature and music. Tracy has been fascinated by the artwork and color of skateboards since gradeschool when she became the first female freestyler in her neighborhood.

Not just for the streets, skateboard decks are highly collectible today. “Famous artists like Warhol, Basquait & Damien Hirst are my first collectible skate decks” says Stern. With names like Super Tramp Lava Lamp, Boogie Nights, Studio 54, Peep Show, Spiritual Skater and Film Noir, one can imagine these decks will become collectibles as well.

As if Tracy’s designs weren’t unique enough, she’s enlisted the infamous artist Randy Polumbo to create a limited edition series of boards featuring his inspiring work Lovestream. “Randy’s work (sculpture), his imagination, his mind and his heart, are what made this collaboration a must” says Stern. “I’m inspired by his use of colored glass and beautiful shapes. It’s magical and transports us all to a different planet and takes me to my own garden of Eden.”

As a successful entrepreneur Tracy has cultivated several brands to international status and has appeared in countless international magazines and TV such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and 0, The Oprah Magazine. Tracy writes several national columns on decor trends and entertainment pieces. She received an associate degree from the New York School of Design as well as Received BFA in painting at the University of Tampa. Tracy currently resides in New York City.

Randy’s work has been featured internationally at venues such as Art Basel/Miami Beach and Burning Man, Crocker Art Museum and Museum of Sex, NY. He has been reviewed in the New York Times, New York Magazine, and Art Daily to name a few. Current studio projects include a large penthouse residence turned art installation designed and built from Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory salvage and extensive plants (hydroponic gardens, plant walls, a green roof, and a food garden.) Randy lives and works in New York City and is a graduate of The Cooper Union School of Art.

The boards can be purchased online at Retail price is $95.00 and $250.00 for Randy’s limited edition versions. T-shirts and matching Adidas are available for purchase as well. Tracy can be seen sporting her gear as she skates through Central Park. And when the summer comes to an end, your board will find a perfect place on the wall as a conversation piece like no other.

Photos by BFA.

Old Fashioned Mom Magazine held its first event on May 6th at Bar Pleiades in the Surrey Hotel. The event celebrated Spring and the success of the magazine while introducing guests to the exciting new bath line created exclusively by the Old Fashioned Mom brand.

Lovely ladies sipped hand crafted Bellini’s and Bloody Mary’s made by bar maestro Guy Fouquet while the little ones had Shirley Temples and chocolate croissants from Cafe Boulud.

The mood was pure champagne kisses as beautiful ladies delighted in one another’s magnificent spring hats.

The most extraordinary chapeau went to Tanja Dreiding Wallace, wearing a masterpiece created for her by designer Victor De Souza. The inspiration was Marie Antoinette, France’s iconic but ill-fated queen.

Arletta Cousineau flew in from Monte Carlo to attend the regal party “I am so delighted to be here, the women are all gorgeous and truly represent an International and modern day Old Fashioned Mom. The bath products are exquisite and luxurious on the body. My favorite is Heavenly Hyacinth, named after Michelle-Marie’s little girl, it reminds me of the fragrant smells of the south of France and my skin has never looked better.”

Beautiful and talented Cassandra Seidenfeld said “I am thrilled when I receive my current Old Fashioned Mom Magazine. It is comprised with trendsetting ideas, fabulous travel advice, delicious recipes, and a wealth of information spanning New York, Palm Beach and London. I discover cutting- edge guidance about fashionable restaurants, and up to the moment Philanthropic events. I am also filled with bliss to know that the new bath products line is here, and I adore my delicious Grapefruit Marmalade Sugar Scrub. It leaves my skin soft like a baby and glowing with a dewy glimmer.”

Other Old Fashioned Mom devotees included: Randi Schatz of Avenue Magazine, Maya Johnson of Palm Beach Today International Magazine, Couture Designer Maggie Norris, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Tracy Stern, Lauren Day Roberts, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Debbie Dickinson, Leesa Rowland, Alessandra Emanuel, Anne Baker, Aimee Marcoux Spurlock, Tanja Dreiding Wallace, Joy Marks, Donna Soloway, Joycelyn Engle, Jen Bawden, Tina Storper, Adele Niño, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick, Lucinda Bhavsar, Carol Heinemann, Nancy Amodeo, Lynn Versaci, Jean Trocino, Rosemary Ponzo, Melissa Levis and Brooke Fedagain.

Hyacinth Cornelia Heinemann was perfectly turned out in her matching LaRoyex Fascinator with Mommy Michelle-Marie Heinemann. Her brother, Hudson Cornelius Heinemann opted for a more low key look with a Fedora from Maus & Hoffman in Palm Beach.

Guests received complimentary gift bags filled with Old Fashioned Mom luxury body scrubs including Parisian Chocolate Honeysuckle, Pink Grapefruit Marmalade and Heavenly Hyacinth!

Old Fashioned Mom Magazine held its first event on May 6th at Bar Pleiades in the Surrey Hotel