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  • Old Fashioned Mom Magazine highlights 18 famous moms that we love. Check out the see who is featured in the article…

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  • Grace Kelly

    April 18, 2018

    BY: STEPHANIE PETIT and LIZ MCNEIL Prince Albert ll of Monaco, Princess Caroline and Princess Stéphanie posed together at a…Read More »

  • Jennifer Garner-Mother of three and Celebrity Mom for Old Fashioned Mom Magazine. CEO Michelle-Marie Heinemann

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    May 7, 2016

    Happy Mother’s Day: There Are Angels God Puts on This Earth.

  • Taking the time to be very involved in my daughters life. I enjoy selecting her clothing even though she is 10, and love to play children’s games with her. Children today are so independent from an early age, I feel being helpful and involved let’s my daughter know I am always there for her. My schedule is so busy, however I make it a priority to have dinner with her every night and tuck her into bed.

  • On a Londonesque day in the heart of Chelsea, I met the lovely and ever so sweet Frederique van der Wal for hot espressos and divine conversation. We choose the boutique and historic Highline Hotel in Manhattan, New York. | Michelle-Marie Heinemann from Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

  • My dear friend Countess Joycelyn Engle Di Palma is beautiful inside and out! Her kind spirit and love for her family is paramount as we often discuss our lives and all that is happening in them. | Michelle-Marie Heinemann from Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

    Joycelyn received the title of Countess when she married Count Joseph Di Palma, a direct descendant of Norman Adventurer Rainulf Drengot, the first Count of Aversa, who emigrated from Scandinavia and Normandy France in the 11th century. It is wonderful to see the love that Joycelyn and Joseph have for one another after 35 years of marriage.

  • Michelle-Marie Heinemann speaks with Tanja Dreiding Wallace about life, children, family and more. Celebrity Mom Interview with Old Fashioned Mom Magazine.

  • To all the Mothers in the World….I wish you the grandest Mothers Day, filled with love and happiness. Michelle-Marie Heinemann and Old Fashioned Mom Magazine.