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Nov 15

Maribel Lieberman:
Celebrity Mom

More than any other food, chocolate delights and enchants….chocolate tantalizes and it comforts. No one knows this better than Maribel Lieberman, the founder of Marie Belle Chocolates. From her first chocolate shop in Soho, N.Y., Maribel’s passion for discovering and sharing new flavors has seen her continually reinvent how we enjoy chocolate.


Her love for chocolate began at the tender age of eight, where she would make sugar candies and sell them to neighborhood children in her native Honduras. Her New York story began at the Parsons School of Design, followed by five years running her own elegant catering company, this paved the way for her ultimate love….chocolate, and the Marie Belle brand.

Her chocolate ganache and champagne truffles are divinely delicious and the spiced pumpkin ganache cake is a must for the Holiday Season!

Maribel is just as passionate about her family and believes family traditions and quality time together is the essence of life. We are proud to introduce Maribel Lieberman as our 11th Celebrity Mother!


  1. What makes you an Old Fashioned Mom?
    Taking the time to be very involved in my daughters life. I enjoy selecting her clothing even though she is 10, and love to play children’s games with her. Children today are so independent from an early age, I feel being helpful and involved let’s my daughter know I am always there for her. My schedule is so busy, however I make it a priority to have dinner with her every night and tuck her into bed.
  2. What do you enjoy most about being a Mother?
    Angelina, my daughter, INSPIRES me. She gives me energy and makes me dream grandiose thoughts about my work and for her future.
  3. You are a famous chocolatier, how has your family inspired your creations?
    My husband is an Artist, his work is very colorful and daring. I love this about him and the fact that he stays true to what he likes and does not create for public affection. This taught me to be bold, and when I was introduced to chocolate 15 years ago, everyone was telling me not to put green or blue colors in chocolate. “PEOPLE WOULD NOT EAT GREEN CHOCOLATE” …I was also told to make the chocolate with milk because Americans like milk chocolate. Well, I went with green, blue and dark chocolate and it was instantly received with great enthusiasm. I learned this from my husband…do what you love and believe in! He is my biggest fan and being from Belgium is a great lover of chocolate, he is also my personal taster.❤️ Angelina, loves it all and is constantly giving me new ideas.
  4. How often do you travel to Honduras, your native country, and does your family travel with you?
    I travel around 4 times per year and my family usually accompanies me in the summertime.
  5. We know you are an excellent chocolatier… you enjoy cooking meals for your family as well? If so, what are your favorite dishes you like to prepare? That is my passion I am Chef savory from there my passion for chocolate was born.
    Yes, I enjoy cooking for my family and some of my favorite dishes I enjoy making are Honduran Coconut Seafood soup and oven baked sweet plantains.


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Maribel Lieberman


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