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Oct 18

McNally Jackson Is Leaving Prince Street

I apologize if this headline just gave you a mild heart attack but, bookworms, take a deep breath – they’re not closing down for good.

Now that you’ve relaxed, yes, there is still some sad news regarding our favorite indie bookstore in the heart of Soho. After 14 years on Prince Street, McNally Jackson will be forced to move in June 2019. Is nothing sacred?!

Bowery Boogie first reported that Winick leasing banners had been posted on the building, but Gothamist confirmed with Sarah McNally herself that the store will not be shuttering completely – they’re just looking for a new space in the neighborhood.

In a statement, she said:

This whole process has made me think about the soul of McNally Jackson. Something is always lost in translation, but the translator chooses what remains. What about McNally Jackson is irreducible? It’s certainly not the current space, which is in a shoddy building that was thrown up over a former chicken abattoir. The soul of McNally Jackson is the books and the booksellers… This we will keep, and translate into a new space.


But still, nothing beats a coffee and two hours’ worth of book browsing after brunch at Sant Ambroeus, so please stay close, McNally – our entire Sunday routine depends on it!

[Photo via @jak_daily]


Written By: Stephanie Maida

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