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Oct 18

A Secret Apple Orchard In The Heart Of Soho?!

There are plenty of reasons to love New York in the fall, but if there’s one thing the city’s lacking, it’s an adorable apple orchard to pose in with our boyfriends while wearing matching flannel. If you haven’t got time for a weekend trip to Long Island or Westchester or New Jersey, well, you’ll just have to pick up some Red Delicious from Whole Foods and maybe stage a romantic photo in the produce aisle.

Or do you?!

Trendy downtown hotel and hang Arlo SoHo has heard our cries. This season, they’re transforming their outdoor courtyard into the ultimate autumn destination with the help of Farm to People, an organization that supports small batch producers. Apples, pumpkins, and “fall chic” greenhouses galore.

Pick your own locally-sourced apples at The Arlo Orchard, and stop by their weekly “Happle Hours” when you can take part in pumpkin carvings and sip new harvest cocktail creations like the “Orchard Thief” and the “Maple and Fig Old Fashioned” for just $10 from 4 pm to 7 pm!

Grab your plaid and your pumpkin spice – it’s time to get basic, bitches.

[Photos courtesy Arlo Soho]


Written By: Stephanie Maida


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