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When a new designer somehow manages to change the aesthetic scene of an entire event, it’s a pretty safe bet they’re the next big thing. Such was the case with this year’s Whitney Art Party, with Alexandra O’Neill giving the crowd a much needed ‘Kira Kira’ shine, dressing everyone from Hilary Rhoda to Ashley Graham in her line Markarian’s latest collection of dream, prêt-à-party dresses.Fresh off a November launch on The Platform, Moda Operandi’s new incubator for emerging designers, Markarian’s is a “feminine and ethereal” look – one pretty piece after another that will have you making an occasion out of just about anything. As one who clearly practices what she preaches, Alexandra’s Greenwich Village home is just as well styled as the designer herself. We caught up with Ali at her divinely decorated downtown abode to get the skinny on everything from her must-shop stores to that one piece every woman should have in her closet. 




How did you find yourself in the design world?

My grandmother, GiGi, lived with my family growing up and taught me how to sew at a very young age. I fell in love with making clothing when I was 10 and always knew this is what I wanted to do. GiGi still helps me with tricky patterns and structure now.



What’s your favorite occasion to dress for?

I will take any excuse to dress up a little and love getting dressed for the holidays. My grandparents throw a party at their home on Christmas Eve every year that our whole family gets decked out for. My Great Aunt Beth has worn this incredible gold velvet floor length skirt for the past 30 years that is beautiful. The party is so festive and puts you into such wonderful holiday spirits.



What’s your everyday go-to look?

Light washed Levi’s, a t-shirt, and a vintage jacket.



What are some of your most loved labels or stores?

I am a vintage hound. My favorite vintage store in the city is Edith Machinist in the LES. I also find such incredible treasures at the Manhattan Vintage show every time it happens. Other stores I love are Antony Todd home, the Apartment by the Line, and the well curated collections and events at the Moda Operandi Madison store.




What’s the one piece every woman should have in her closet?

A knock out dress that she always feels beautiful in no matter where she’s going or what she is doing.



Would your ideal night be going out or staying in?

I love having people over to my apartment for dinner parties or movie night, everyone feels at home there. I do also love to go out dancing every now and then though…



What was your favorite part of designing your apartment?

I loved scrolling through all of the listings on 1st dibs.



Who’s style do you just adore?






Written By: Christie Grimm

If you are like the majority of women, you probably love shoes.  The little angels that either give you height; posture or most important of all; dress your lovely feet.  And when thinking of shoe designers, we think of course the legendary masters.  — There is a young master you must know.  Nicolo Beretta; founder and designer of Giannico.
Showing a great sense of style and innate creativity since a very young age. At 14 years old, young Milanese Nicolò moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue the business objectives of his family. Sydney’s cosmopolitan ambiance and its fervent multicultural communities provided Nicolò with experiences that influenced and forever changed his creative life.  Soon after he shared his portfolio with no other than one of the masters himself.  Mr. Manolo Blahnik alongside the late Franca Sozzani; EIC of Vogue Italia.  Having received extraordinary feedback from such great captains of the industry, enforced; in 2013 at the age of 18; the founding of Giannico.  The name Giannico is a portmanteau between his first name and his little brother’s name Giacomo.
Nicola Beretta founder of Giannico shoes
Yet starting a brand at such young age was not easy.  At first, it was difficult to find people who believed in him, many tried to mislead him, while others associated him with a stereotype of a spoiled child. With perseverance and talent, he quickly learned to deal with this tough industry. Where most retailers are “now” ready to stand behind contemporary designers in a big way.
In 2014, Giannico was selected to participate at the prestigious “Vogue Talents” event in collaboration with Vogue Italia and Giannico’s exposure and following only grew as many fashion icons such as Franca Sozzani, Anna Wintour, Donatella Versace, Anna Molinari, Carla Sozzani, Anna Dello Russo, and Giuseppe Zanotti appreciated his collection. Later that year, Giannico had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the official calendar of the Milan Fall Fashion week and his first distributed collection was presented at the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum.
Fontana Pump Giannico shoes
Nicolò also has created a special edition for Luisa Via Roma, and won the ‘Who is on Next?’ contest in Rome; juried by Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino; Suzy Menkes, Miroslava Duma, Alexander Fury, Laura Lusardi, Bergdorf Goodman’s Paola Alvear and Sacks Fifth Avenue’s Colleen Sherin.
 Picasso Stripe Giannico shoes
His excellent craftsmanship and artistic ability are evident in everything that he creates, which is why the demand for his spectacular and eclectic shoes has increased since the establishment of his own label.
 Giannico shoes
For his past collections, the designer has taken inspiration from the works of Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. He incorporates elements of surrealism into his own brand of creative and elegant eclecticism. The result is a stunning collection of shoes, which are sensual, feminine, edgy, sophisticated, sexy, and extraordinarily beautiful. With his unparalleled talent and creative genius at such a young age, it seems that Nicolò Beretta is growing into international success.
Found around the globe in stores like Barney’s New York in the USA; ALTAYER BLOOMINDALE’S in the middle east; ATEMPO in Asia, online’s FARFETCH, his creations are the type of shoes we love.




Written By: Gerard Vallecello

IMG_3735​​​​​​ ​​​​

My daughter Hyacinth and I received our matching Mother~Daughter

shoes from Nene while we were in Palm Beach, and fell in love with them

instantly!!! They are so comfortable and stylish. We strolled down Worth

Avenue looking completely adorable and everybody wanted to know where

we purchased our shoes!



If you love comfortable fashion, then these are the shoes for you and your daughter!!! I love all the styles

especially the ballerina flats….so easy to slip on and go about your day.






Old Fashioned Mom Magazine Rating: 5 Stars, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pleaese visit:   …..and start looking adorable immediately with your daughter!!!



Media information contact:

E.D.Enterprises / Debbie Dickinson



FEBRUARY 14, 2017 4pm – 7pm

​​​​​​ Salomon Arts Gallery 83 Leonard Street, 4th floor

Nene Shoe Creates a Sophisticated Approach to Matching Mother / Daughter Footwear

“Currently, our flats, wedges, and derbies attract both women and kids, because the designs have components that appeal to both,” says Designer Jasmine Mendoza.

Nene Designer and Creative Director Jasmine Mendoza, along with her husband Froilan as Technical Director, are introducing a new fashion line of wedges, flats, derbies and sneakers for mothers and daughters. Inspired by global international travel, Froilan and Jasmine combined their strengths to become the husband-and-wife team behind Nene Shoes.

Nene Shoes (pronounced /ne-ne/, “ne” as “net”) is based on Jasmine’s mom’s name, Nene M. Pamintuan. In the Filipino language, nene means little girl or young woman. While growing up in the Philippines, the rich culture of sights, tastes and sounds offered an influential base. In 2013, Jasmine left a corporate life involving travel as a consultant to join a financial services company. As her schedule stabilized, she was able to use her creativity to build something of her own. By leveraging her husband Froilan’s start-up expertise, Jasmine and he partnered to implement their shared vision: Filling a void in the market for a more sophisticated approach to mommy-and-me shoes. Jasmine started designing in 2014 and launched the first Nene Shoes collection in 2015.

Nene shoes has the kid-meets-adult look. Jasmine explains, “An exciting kid’s shoe can have the sophistication and practicality of an adult shoe. It doesn’t need bows, overly done designs, or boxed toes. My daughter wants to imitate what I wear, and at the same time, I want her to experience and enjoy some of the more mature-yet-practical styles in the same way that I do. Currently, we have flats, wedges and derbies for women and kids. Each style has two-three colorways. For Spring 2017, we are adding more styles and introducing slip-on sneakers which will initially be available in two colors.

“In my twenties, I traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and the United States,” Jasmine recalls, “I lived in Hong Kong, Germany, and the United States for months at a time, while shuttling back and forth to Manila. I observed what people wore to better understand their tastes, needs, and desires, based on their demographics. When I visit the Linea Pelle fairs, I am constantly on the lookout for new leather materials and prints. At times, the materials create an initial inspiration for the design and construction of shoes–not the other way around. Currently, our flats, wedges, and derbies attract both women and kids, because the designs have components that appeal to both.

“If you look at the footwear market today,” Jasmine continues, “kid’s shoes are usually made from man-made or synthetic materials. As much as possible, we like to use genuine leather, while maintaining competitive prices comparable to other brands’ synthetic shoes. We don’t compromise design or quality for the sake of anything. All designs bear our signature logos, a woman’s and kid’s footprint placed side by side, to create an image of a butterfly.”

“Most importantly, I look at the practicality and comfort of the design. As a mom, I would only buy what I think is best for my kids. Also, all of our styles are named after our immediate family members and often reflect their personalities.”

“I am particularly inspired by unique geometric prints, beautiful color palettes and how existing things are enhanced to create something entirely new. What is most important,” she emphasizes, “is the shared experience between the mom and the kid, as they bond over wearing the same shoe design. We are currently exploring the idea of designing baby’s shoes and apparel as well. This is our vision for Nene Shoes.”

Through one of its women’s lines, Nene Shoes was able to help support an indigenous tribe in the Philippines, and they will soon be partnering with the Children’s Museum of the Arts in NYC for New York Fashion Week.


Our promise to you is that our brand nene will adhere to the following:
• Stylish, comfortable, sophisticated styles and matching shoes.
• No compromise for quality and safety: high-quality tested & certified materials.
• Best possible pricing.
ABOUT: Jasmine Mendoza traveled for a global IT Fortune 500 Management consulting firm, working with clients in Asia, Europe and US, which brought her to New York, where she met Froilan, and in 2007, she relocated permanently to New York from the Philippines. Recently, she has been recognized for two major awards on Innovation and Excellence, given only to select top employees. After Jasmine left consulting in 2013 to join a financial services company, her schedule stabilized, so she used her creative innovations to make something of her own. While raising two small children, Jasmine started designing in 2014, and a year later, they launched Nene shoes’ first collection.

Jasmine started at the Brooklyn Shoe Space in New York. From sketching, pattern-making to hand crafting her first pair of pumps, she has kept in touch with the instructors, making them her mentors. Recently, she enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology to further enhance her technical skills in shoemaking and knowledge in footwear design.

ABOUT Froilan Mendoza has extensive experience in starting companies from the ground up. From medical software, fashion gaming, and online dating to ecommerce gourmet products, Froilan has a wide-ranging experience of handling the technical, operational, financial and marketing aspects of startups.

Website:; Social Media:,,

Nene Shoes Press:


“It’s the most comfy shoe ever! I adore the metallic hints, it allows the wedge to go with anything and go anywhere!!” → Audrey McLelland, What She Said (TLC)

“Usually there are HUGE bows and overdone kid-like features that just turn me off. Nene Shoes hit the nail on the head with their collection.” → Vera Sweeney, What She Said (TLC)

“These shoes are so adorable! They are our very first pair of Mommy and Mini Me shoes and super comfy! I live for a cute pair of flats and could rock these all day every day but I am so afraid of scuffing them!” → Elizabeth Matthis, model/actress

For information: Contact E.D.Enterprises PR – – 917-622-8136
The information contained herein is deemed confidential and proprietary by E.D. Enterprises, LLC. is disclosed for the sole purpose of evaluation by a potential or existing customer of E.D. Enterprises. E.D. Enterprises owns all rights to the information contained herein. This information is not to be reproduced, redistributed, or utilized in any manner or in any form without prior written consent of E.D. Enterprises.


magic-windows-postCreated in 1983 by owner Carole French, Magic Windows has grown into a fixture on Manhattan’s upper east side. It is located on Madison Ave between east 86th and 87th streets where it has been for over 30 years.

“I love this store! They always have beautifully made dresses and darling boys clothes on hand. Very traditional and well made. My daughter and I were recently there and purchased some precious little jumpers for a friend of hers that has an upcoming birthday. Gift Wrap is available which is always a bonus.”

This charming store has the largest and finest collection of classic children’s clothing and accessories for boys and girls, newborn to teen. Warm and welcoming, Magic Windows’ friendly staff is always happy to help you.

Magic Windows NYC

Looks for Boys

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Looks for Girls

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Magic Windows - New York City - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

Visit Magic Windows >>





Catherine Painvin - Old Fashioned Mom Magazine

  Catherine Painvin

Tartine et Chocolate … Once upon a time there was …
a desire to surround tiny babies in comfort and dress little children in tender, chic, yet unpretentious clothing, Catherine Painvin founded Tartine et Chocolat in 1977. The exclusive Garda motif and Tartine et Chocolat stripe set the tone for the brand. It was a mini-revolution that succeeded in shaking the children’s fashion market to the core.

The brand went on, in its own time, to develop its product ranges of soft toys, fragrances, children’s bedroom furniture, etc.., and soon established itself as a leader in the high-quality children’s gift market.

The woman responsible for this renaissance, Emilie Zannier, gave Tartine et Chocolat a unique, contemporary interpretation. She rewrote the history book, giving it a new, original and uncompromising twist, establishing a timeless modernity for the brand. She successfully created a fantasy world in which to dramatize the new Tartine et Chocolat collections.

Looks for Boys


Looks for Girls


La Coqueta …traditional, timeless fashion for children, still having a chic and contemporary style…

Before having children I originally trained as a psychologist, and then fell into a career in headhunting. Eventually I craved a change in my professional life, so I went back to university to continue my studies, taking an MSc in Mental Health Studies, but all the while a passion for children’s fashion was growing. I started bringing back Spanish clothing and accessories for my London friends on my visits home, and also developed relationships with various designers in Spain. While preparing for the birth of my fifth child in 2012, I thought it was time to follow my passion. “Now or never” I thought to myself and La Coqueta was born – my sixth baby you might say!

I feel there is a need for traditional, timeless fashion for children which also incorporates a chic and contemporary style for our modern world. I have found this with the Spanish designers I work with and can wholeheartedly say all the collection is ‘Proudly made in Spain’. Our clothing and shoes are beautifully made, functional and hard-wearing. As a mother of five, I know how important it is to find easy care clothes that stand the test of time, can be passed on to the next baby and still look great.

La Coqueta’s beginnings are close to home. I opened the first boutique in the heart of Hampstead, my much loved neighbourhood, where I can do something I truly love while still being close to the people who inspired my new business – my family and friends.

So if you are in the area, pop in with your little ones (who can enjoy our playroom) while we show you the new collection. If you are further afield, then simply browse our range on-line.

La Coqueta is nestled in North London but is ‘Proudly made in Spain’.

La Coqueta Kids
5 Heath Street
London NW3 6TP


See all looks at




















See all dresses at


















See all knitwear at







Girl’s Tops

See all girl’s tops at








See all nightwear at






Girl’s Coats & Jackets

See all girl’s coats and jackets at







Brooks Brothers is known for Classic Clothing and Apparel. It is a great store for children and I especially like it for boys….however you can certainly leave with something for the entire family.

I adore their sport shirt, which is crafted in cotton with forward point collars and barrel cuffs. The shirts are machine washable, which is always a plus.

Brooks Brothers is the oldest men’s clothier chain in the United States and is head quartered on Madison Avenue, New York City. Notable alumni include Ralph Lauren who started out as a salesman there….and Brooks Brothers is the official clothier of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

Brooks Brothers

Cotton V Neck Sweater

Brooks Brothers

Sweater Vest

Brooks Brothers

Button-Down Glen Plaid Dress Shirt

Brooks Brothers

Tuxedo Dress Shirt

Brooks Brothers

BrooksEase Junior Plain-Front Dress Trousers

Brooks Brothers

Nylon Quilted Vest

Brooks Brothers

Captoe Lace-Ups

Brooks Brothers

Penny Loafers

Brooks Brothers

Embroidered Ribbon Belt

Brooks Brothers

Classic Leather Belt

Brooks Brothers

Plaid Sport Shirt

Brooks Brothers

Non-Iron Gingham Sport Shirt

Brooks Brothers

Stripe Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Brooks Brothers

Stripe Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Brooks Brothers

Classic Stripe Rugby

Brooks Brothers

Double Stripe Polo

Brooks Brothers

Argyle Socks


Argyle Over-the-Calf Socks

Brooks Brothers

One-Button Tuxedo Prep Jacket


Brooks Brothers


While strolling down King Street in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, my daughter and I discovered the cutest little children’s boutique called Sugar Snap Pea. The clothes are playful yet traditional and the boutique is stocked with fabulous accessories. We left with so many goodies in hand…a must if you are visiting this charming Southern City.

“Sugar Snap Pea is your destination for fresh and fun children’s clothing in Downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant. We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality of modern children’s clothing, gear and accessories.Stop by one of our two locations today for a delightful shopping experience!

We make every effort to carry a wide range of products in store and online. However, if you are looking for a product online that you cannot find, please do not hesitate to give us a call! We happily offer concierge shopping services for our out-of-state customers.”

Sugar Snap Pea Boutique - Charleston, SC

A gorgeous floral top by Sugar Snap Pea….Charleston’s premiere children’s boutique.

Sugar Snap Pea Boutique - Charleston, SC

Sugar Snap Pea – fun children’s clothing!

Sugar Snap Pea Boutique - Charleston, SC
Sugar Snap Pea Boutique - Charleston, SC

Sugar Snap Pea Boutique - Charleston, SC
Sugar Snap Pea Boutique - Charleston, SC

Beautiful dresses – the Tea Elfengarten Sash Dress, the CP Wrap Dress & the CP Crystal Dress.

Sugar Snap Pea Boutique - Charleston, SC

Sugar Snap Pea Store – Charleston, SC.

The Best Dressed Child…..a wonderful on-line store hailing from Alpharetta, Georgia. Southern girls really know how to do smocking right, this store has the cutest….and I mean the cutest little play dresses and seasonal attire for children! I just purchased this adorable swimsuit ensemble for Hyacinth, and beach accessories galore! When my son was little he wore all the darling smocked outfits as well, complete with Peter Pan collars.

A real treasure….

Bathing Suit
Hyacinth in Bathing Suit from The Best Dressed Child

Best Dressed Child Smocked Dress

Best Dressed Child Smocked Dress

anavini girls pink check smocked ice cream cones dress

Spring Flowers is one of my favorite children’s boutiques. The clothing is classic in design and the selection of shoes for little boys is amazing….when my son was beginning to walk I found the little traditional boots perfect for ankle support. Party dresses are a must here…my daughter delights in the variety and I love the quality of fabrics and beautiful designs. This is a store for both boys and girls….I practically live at the 73rd and Madison location….however, there are many more. Stop in and enjoy!

“Since 1983, Spring Flowers has offered only the finest luxury European clothing, shoes and accessories for babies and children up to size 14 years.”

Visit Spring Flowers Children’s Boutiques