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According to ZAGAT…You’re “in the hands of a Master” at Chef Masa Takayama’s “serene” Upper East Side Japanese (located below the Gagosian Art Gallery) where the “delicate” sushi made from the “freshest quality” fish is offered alongside a diverse array of cooked dishes.


Kappo Masa from Old Machine on Vimeo.
I personally couldn’t agree more! Living around the corner I am there at least once a week, and I am never disappointed. I must admit I tend to order the same dishes over and over again…because they are just so delicious. However, my beautiful children are more adventurous and always bring something new to the table that we have not tried. 

Some of our favorites include: Beef Avocado Tartare Caviar With White Truffle, Tai White Truffle Ceviche, Daikon Cucumber with Yuzu Honey ( salad ), Vegetable Chowder with Clams, Coconut Lobster Tacos, Beef Skewers Yuzu Kosho, Fried Calamari with Chili Salt. ( my favorite ) 

Located conveniently on the Upper East Side! Kappo Masa is a must! 

Address: 976 Madison Avenue ( between 76th and 77th Street ) 
Phone: 212-906-7141

Larry Gagosian and Chef Masa Takayama







I attended a marvelous reception at the Opera Gallery titled “KINETIC FIELDS.”


Lucia Hwong Gordon, Michelle-Marie Heinemamn, Lauren Lawrence, Barbara Regna

Lucia Hwong Gordon, Michelle-Marie Heinemann, Lauren Lawrence, Barbara Regna

Coming from the Greek Kinein “to move” Kinetic art refers to art that is set in motion. From the early 20th Century, artists have incorporated movement into their art, either with the help of human hand or natural elements such as wind or water and later mechanical engineering.

Opera Gallery : Reception for Kinetic Fields


Gilles Dyan

Gilles Dyan

If what we have to know as “Kinetic Art” became a major phenomenon of the late 1950’s, thanks notably to the work of pioneers Alexander Calder and Naum Gabo, the contemporary art scene has continued to explore incorporating movement in Art and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The exhibition KINETIC FIELDS surveys new technologies available to contemporary Kinetic artists and the evolution these have brought to moving art.

Grimanesa Amoros, Fiona Cibani, Sonia Nassery Cole

Grimanesa Amoros, Fiona Cibani, Sonia Nassery Cole

…..About Opera Gallery

Founded in 1994 by Gilles Dyan, a member of the European Chamber of Expert Advisors in Fine Art ( C.E.C.O.A. )


Gilles Dyan, Florence Dyan

Gilles Dyan, Florence Dyan

Opera Gallery Group, now Internationally established with 12 Galleries in the World, is one of the rare International art Gallery networks with locations on several Continents: North America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

Florence Dyan, Michelle-Marie Heinemamn, Lauren Lawrence

Florence Dyan, Michelle-Marie Heinemann, Lauren Lawrence

I love this Table Monogold by Yves Klein, completely fabulous….a little gift for myself for Valentines Day?….

Please visit:

Press Contacts: Susan Shin,



My children and I love Sant Ambroeus….conveniently located on Madison and 77th Street, a dream of a place, offering some of our favorites like Crostino Milanese, Pancake Alla Frutta Fresca and Salmone Affumicato. The gelato is divine and I delight in seeing my darlings press their little faces against the glass to see what daily flavors are in store. For Mommies that need a little boost the Espresso Con Panna and Espresso Lungo are sure to do the deed….two of my favorites!!

Sant Ambroeus Madison Avenue
1000 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Tel. 212-570-2211

Sant Ambroeus in New York City

Sant Ambroeus in New York City

Sant Ambroeus in New York City

Sant Ambroeus in New York City

Sant Ambroeus Cakes

Sant Ambroeus in New York City

My children adore Via Quardronno, a charming little Italian restaurant tucked into 73rd Street and corner of Madison Avenue. The staff is attentive and playful with children…it is usually quite busy up front…but go straight to the back and usually seats are available.

Our favorites are Carpaccio Classico, Insalata Della Casa con Avocado, and Risotto Milanese con Funghi. There is a wonderful selection of Gelati and Sorbetti….which is always popular with the little ones, and Payard’s French croissants and Brioches are heavenly!


Via Quadronno
  Via Quandronno
Heinemann Children Dining at Via Quadronno


Via Quardronno
25 East 73rd Street

Only the sweetest memories fill my mind when I think of La Maison du Chocolat… I have been coming here with my children since they were born. Undoubtedly the best hot chocolate in the world and the pastries that can accompany this dark nectar are heaven.

In fact when my son, Hudson, was little he said ” Mom, this must be what heaven is like.” I will never forget this and a location must exist where heaven is located.

Last week when we were there the waiter only spoke French to us, so this allowed me to exercise a language I at one time spoke somewhat well. Hudson courageously sang a French song he had just learned in School. What a delight! This is a fabulous place to stop in with children, go straight to the back and take a seat. A friendly waiter will greet you and on the way out it is always nice to leave with a box of chocolates!