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After revolutionizing kayaking in 1997 with the Hobie® MirageDrive® , Hobie is now taking stand up boarding to new levels with the just introduced Mirage® Eclipse, the world’s first leg-powered stand up board. Making stand-up boarding as easy as walking, you simply “Step on and go!”

Bringing all the advantages of Mirage kayaking to the boarding world, the Mirage Eclipse is both stable and fast with sleek handlebars and intuitive fingertip rudder controls that make this board easy to steer, even in modest winds, and the innovative design eliminates the learning curve often associated with stand-up boarding.

According to Hobie’s Director of Engineering Jim Czarnowski, “We designed the Mirage Eclipse so anyone from a beginner to a more athletic expert user can all have a great experience.”

The Mirage Eclipse comes in two models, the 10.5 and 12. The larger version is 12 feet long and 35 inches wide, rated for 275 pounds. The 10.5 is 33.5 inches wide and ten and a half feet long. The capacity for the more compact model is 225 pounds, and it weighs about 5 pounds less than the larger model.Both boards are sporty and eye-catching, constructed of glossy but tough Advanced Composite Epoxy (ACX) and both boast sleek, water piercing bows with square tails and flat bottoms that enhance their stability.

You will enjoy an exhilarating and new experience riding the Mirage Eclipse as you glide across the water with ease and precision.

This board is yet another world’s first for Hobie, just like the modern foam core surfboard (1958), the Hobie Cat sailboat (1968), the Mirage kayak (1997), and the hybrid Adventure Island (2006), plus many more!

Additional features include a leash attachment, hull vent and stern handle.  Optional accessories include a protective board bag and a cart with light duty wheels or sand tires. A cup holder and universal phone mount are available to keep riders refreshed and ready to capture every memory.

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse 10.5 ($2499) and 12 ($2599) will be available at Hobie dealers around the world later this spring. Visit more product and ordering information