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The ever Instagrammable Supermoon Bakehouse, located on the Lower East Side, has gained local fame for its super unique selection of sweet treats, but their colorful croissants have remained the star of the menu – until now.

Taking all the buttery goodness of your favorite French breakfast, and infusing it in ice cream, Supermoon has just launched a sweet and salty soft serve inspired by the flavors of croissant butter. Cue drool.

Not only does it have super crunchy crumbs sprinkled on top, it comes with a piece of their signature croissant – twice baked, with extra salt, sugar, and, of course, butter. YUM. If you still aren’t sold for some reason, it all comes served in a magical, color-changing cup. Just think of the likes, people.

Supermoon Bakehouse, 120 Rivington St.



Written By: Tyler Harris