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Jul 18

Vegan Hummus Ice Cream Is Hitting NYC (& It Looks Delicious)

Apparently there’s something very precious about ice cream. It’s distinctly nostalgic, tied to childhood memories and better times. Perhaps that’s why people get so mad when anyone tries to mess with it.

Just yesterday we posted a review of some new pickle-flavored soft serve and it got way more angry reactions than any post we’ve ever shared on Facebook. Yeesh, OK. We get it.

Nevertheless, we just can’t resist sharing news of yet another non-traditional summer treat hitting the city: Hummus Ice Cream. Seriously.

But before you start throwing things, hear us out!

The sweet concoction comes from one of our favorite fast-casual Mediterranean spots, The Hummus & Pita Co. Launching this Sunday (National Ice Cream Day), the hummus scoops will be jam-packed with protein rich chickpeas, tahini, and pure vanilla, along with creamifying add-ins like coconut cream and almond milk. Available in four flavors (chocolate, banana, strawberry, and cookies & cream), the ice cream is certifiably gluten-free, vegan, and – dare we say it? – healthy. Plus, it just looks delicious. How can you possibly complain?!

[Photo courtesy The Hummus & Pita Co.]


Written By: Stephanie Maida

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