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Jul 18

‘Tis The Season To Give: Ghurka Leather Bags

This holiday season why not give the stylish traveler in your life a quality handmade leather bag. Ghurka, specializes in handmade leather goods and has stayed faithful to its values for over 40 years, creating collections of quality leather items for every traveler and for all kinds of adventures.


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What makes Ghurka unique is the way their products are crafted. Most of the bags are made from French Calfskin which is one of the finest materials in the world. The process of material selection is carefully done using hides that are naturally flawless. With no two hides being completely alike, clients will be able to boast a leather piece that has a unique and one-of-a-kind character that wears beautifully as time passes.These bags have an artisan quality that means they will remain unique for life.




The travel collection will satisfy an adventurer’s wanderlust while exhibiting a timeless elegance. Ghurka offers a broad array of bags varying from modern rolling suitcases, sophisticated carry-ons, classic trunks, and backpacks. Each is built to perfection and made to fit your personal taste. The travel pieces are TSA-approved and cater to the needs of busy travelers.



The trunk collection has been designed with tradition in mind, but has also been given a modern touch for functionality. Rolling and carry-on luggage pieces have the ideal balance of efficiency and style. There are various size options for any travel occasion: whether a round-the-world trip or a weekend break a Ghurka travel piece is sure to make a statement. The quality and craftsmanship that is put into them ensure that they will last you years while the elegant design will catch people’s attention. Leather of this quality was made for extraordinary people.




It was in the 1970s when Marley Hodgson, founder of Ghurka, stumbled upon a rare collection of campaign gear once belonging to a British Ghurka commander stationed in India at the turn of the century. Feeling inspired by what he had seen, he set about creating his own leather collection. In 1975 he did just that and using only the finest materials he made his first leather bag. Now 40 years later Hodgson’s legacy is still being forged by proud generations of artisans from many parts of Europe, who have kept true to Ghurka’s quality and ethos.



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