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Oct 18

There’s A New Vegan Bodega In The West Village

Thankfully, for those of us who are more about running out to grab a quick green juice than a Diet Coke, bougie bodegas are having a moment. Remember when Tiffany & Co. took over bodegas around the city? Have you stopped by wellness bodega Clover Grocery for a pack of organic gummy bears or some cucumber collagen beauty water?

Well, cancel your plans, because there’s a new vegan, all natural bodega in town – Bonberi Bodega.

Tucked over on the corner of Bleecker and Perry, this place is a jewelry box of clean, feel-good finds. From coconut flour chips to all-natural sprinkles, Megababe’s aluminum-free rose deodorant to Tenoverten’s non-toxic nail polish, this place brings the health, the luxury, and the fun. A refrigerator of juices, freshly made meals (like chickpea nicoise salad, and quinoa bibimbap) and home baked treats round out a delicious array of offerings.


Written By:  Christie Grimm

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