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Jun 18

The Hottest Hybrid Fitness Classes In NYC

Traditional exercise classes often take a linear path, where workouts are focused solely on cardio, resistance training, or restorative stretching. However, fitness moguls have been stressing the importance of hybrid workouts, switching up your routine for maximum results. Here is your guide to the best fitness classes in NYC that’ll burn those calories and tone those muscles (and relieve any guilt about ordering that second martini).


Bari Studio

The ultimate hybrid class in NYC, Bari gets you bouncing, dancing, toning, and sweating from a chic boutique studio in Tribeca. Offering a range of classes, from sculpt to cardio, and even a self-proclaimed “hybrid” class that combines the best Bari has to offer, the It Girl workout makes use of mini trampolines, resistance bands from the ceiling, hand weights and more to ensure a long and lean physique. The best part? You’ll never be bored.

Bari Studio, 23 Leonard St.


bodē nyc

bodē nyc offers heated yoga sessions with a variety of classes that range from pure hatha yoga to their “Hot HIIT” 60 minute training session, which combines yoga and High Intensity Interval Training. Movements are low impact but are designed to tone muscles by lengthening and strengthening the body, just like a traditional yoga flow.

bodē nyc, 182 5th Ave.


Box + Flow

Opposites attract here at Box + Flow, where the high intensity of boxing and calmness of yoga intersect. Classes are in a dimly lit room featuring punching bags and neon “Flow” signs. Spend 35-40 minutes working up your heart rate with boxing, then 10-20 minutes in a relaxing sequence toning your muscles and creating space in your body through a yoga flow.

Box + Flow, 55 Bond St.


Beast: Fitness Evolved

Let’s be honest – you love showing off your workouts on Instagram. At Brooklyn’s new Beast: Fitness Evolved, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to snap around the art-filled studio, from a portrait of Biggie to the gorilla-shaped kettlebells. And, of course, the workout is great too. A live DJ spins tunes as you move around the room trying different circuit stations. Their Unleash classes let you go crazy – it’s an energy filled, full-body workout combining toning and cardio, while Core classes focus on flattening your stomach and tightening those abs.

Beast: Fitness Evolved, 458 5th Avenue, Brooklyn



Rumble takes boxing to the next level – throwing punches just doesn’t cut it anymore. Founded by fitness enthusiasts, including Noah Neiman, a former Barry’s Bootcamp Trainer, Rumble gives you the workout you need to shed fat and tone muscle. Here, workouts combine boxing with HIIT elements such as weights and floor work for your core.

Rumble, 146 W 23rd St.


Barry’s Bootcamp

Want to burn up to 1,000 calories in a class? Head to Barry’s Bootcamp, the original HIIT fitness studio. Workouts go from the treadmill for a cardio sweat, to the floor, for weights and strength training. Each class is different, so you’re guaranteed a new routine every time you go. And who knows, you may even see a celebrity working out next to you!

Barry’s Bootcamp, Multiple Locations


F45 Training

Newbies and athletes alike flock to F45, a training method developed in Australia and taking over the world. Fusing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training into one hardcore workout, F45 effectively burns fat and builds muscle. What more can you ask for?

F45 Training, Multiple Locations


Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory’s ultra-scientific approach guarantees many calories burned and a great workout sesh, combining running, rowing, and weight training all in 60 minutes. During class, the instructor hooks you up with a heart monitor, tracking your beats per minute and how many calories burned. Goal of the workout? Achieve as many splat points as possible (indicating you’ve gotten your heart rate up past a certain number). Everyone’s burn is displayed on a screen, so it’s great for competitive types.

Orange Theory Fitness, Multiple Locations


Warrior Fitness

There’s no playing around at Warrior Fitness – step inside the studio and immediately start training like a Marine. From completing obstacle courses, to circuit training, to calisthenics, you will be sure to leave class sore, sweaty, and fulfilled. Not to mention ready to kick some ass.

Warriror Fitness, 240 Wythe Ave.



Spinning, meet swimming (kinda). At Aqua, spin bikes are located in a small pool for the added resistance and a boosted heart rate, offering a low impact and cardio centric workout.

Aqua Studio NY, 78 Franklin Street.



Looking for something a little less heated, and a little more calming with a greater focus on toning? Come to Shaktibarre, a yoga-barre fusion class that combines element of isometric ballet-bare movements with vinyasa and kundalini yoga flows, perfect for a restorative start to your day.

Shaktibarre, 449 Keap St, Brooklyn NY.



Written By: Stella Stephanopoulos

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