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Jul 18

The Carver: Onean’s Newest Electric Surfboard

Experience the surfing without the ocean with the Carver, an electric powered jet board. The Spanish watersports brand, Onean dreamt of carving turns through calm glassy water and have invented the new sport that is flat water surfing. The Carver is built for those who have a need for speed, having reached 40 km/h in testing. Glide through the water and have complete control of the speed by using the handheld wireless controller. Its battery life gives 20 mins of ride time, and with its integrated electric-powered jet propulsion system which was designed by Bizintek Innova and 4400 Watt dual-core noiseless motor, this board was designed to turn any piece of water into your very own slalom course.


For the more casual surfer looking for a more relaxed cruising experience there is the Manta, which benefits from increased stability and reaches around 8 km/h with 2 hours of battery life. Both the Carver and Manta boards come with a wireless remote, battery, charger, leash, footstrap and fin set for the bottom of the board.

onean electric surfboard



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