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Jul 18

The Caribbean’s First Organic Rum from the Island of Martinique

Found on the island of Martinique, the Neisson distillery has come out with a limited edition of Neisson Bio Esprit (“bio” is the french word for organic), which is claimed to be the first organic rum  in the Caribbean. If you’re going to all organic, you might as well throw in the rum too!

In the town of Le Carbet, you’ll come upon acres of waving sugar canes which surround the legendary rum house of Neisson. Here is where a tremendous project is taking place that might change the rum world in a big way. The “rhum argicole,” is a made from pure sugar cane juice unlike the majority of other Caribbean rums that are distilled from molasses. Bottled at 66 percent ABV, the Neisson Bio Esprit is a bold, grassy, vegetal rum with a strong, earthy flavor.

Due to an intense process of working the sugar cane, there will only be 5,000 bottles produced this year. In a recent interview with the Caribbean Journal, Neisson Master Distiller Gregory Vernant, one of the leading innovators in the world of Caribbean rum, stated that this is a long-term project and they will be looking to increasing their cultivated sugar cane fiends year after year.

For a rum to be considered organic the requirements are; you can’t use chemical products, only natural fertilizer, and must use your own yeast. On top of this, all products are checked twice a year to ensure that they meet organic standards.


For those interested in this fine organic rum, Neisson has to be contacted directly to check whether shipping is available to your country.

Neisson Rhum Distillery is one of the few family owned distilleries on Martinique. Since being founded in 1931, this small plant has been a treasure to the rum industry as a distillery that offers an impressive selection of 100% authentic Caribbean rum and recently its one-of-a-kind organic bottle.

Original article and featured photo credit: Caribbean Journal.


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