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Jul 18

The Absolute Best Beauty Bloggers On YouTube

A few years ago, a makeup beginner could go on YouTube to figure out how to blend eyeshadow, where on the cheek to start applying blush, and how to pick a foundation shade. Now, we have hundreds of tutorials that feature cut creases, contouring, non-touring, baking, and two hundred ways to sculpt your brows. On top of that, we, the YouTube viewer, must sift through sponsored videos and determine whether the YouTuber in question believes everything they’re saying. Am I watching a review, you may wonder, or a glorified ad?

After diving deep down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos, I’m here to tell you who to follow, why they’re awesome, and what they’ve recommended that I can’t stop using.

[Photo via @jackieaina]


Emily Noel (emilynoel83)

An Emily Noel video is like a big hug full of beauty wisdom. Although not a professional makeup artist, Emily’s been running her YouTube channel for over ten years, and she knows what she’s talking about. Go for the reviews, eyeshadow tutorials, and year-end Emily Awards series. Stay for the unusually high number of happy and positive comments left by her followers.

She introduced me to the Viseart Theory Eyeshadow Palette in Amethyst ($45), and it is, without a doubt, the greatest purple eyeshadow palette.


Renee (Gothamista)

Renee, a skin-thusiast, is your go-to for skincare routines, education (which facial oils should I use?), and pretty much anything else. She introduced me to the 7 Skin method, a K-Beauty trend that involves patting in seven layers of toner or essence as part of your daily skincare routine.  You might say it’s excessive, but my skin has never felt so hydrated and fabulous.

She has a video on essences/hydrating toners, but my favorite recommended essence is made by Blithe ($42).


Jessica Braun (JAMbeauty89)

Jessica Braun knows that you want to know which products are worth the hype, and it’s hard to disagree with her choices. She’ll tell you how to misuse products properly, whether the Sephora Play! Box is worth it, and how she films her YouTube beauty videos. For those overwhelmed with their own makeup collections, she has one of the best makeup declutterseries I’ve seen on YouTube. Oh, and she’s been vlogging her pregnancy.

Her “What’s in my Hospital Bag?” video is a must for any woman in her third trimester. Her beauty favorites of 2017 video features my absolute favorite lip gloss, the Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy ($12).


Caroline Hirons

Caroline Hirons is your British best friend who will tell you which products will take care of your skin, and which products are utter rubbish. Her brand reviews and interviews with brand founders are worth sitting down with a cup of tea for (especially her interviews with Kate Somerville and Drunk Elephant’s Tiffany Masterson). Her empties videos are also a must watch. Follow her to see which skincare products she’s using regularly, and follow her blog for her skincare cheat sheets.

The “Caroline Hirons Effect” is when Caroline recommends a product and it sells out. No joke. She may have fewer than 200K followers on YouTube at the moment, but her followers are loyal, and they buy. Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream ($65), which has appeared in at least two of her empties videos, is a skincare staple.


Jackie Aina

Those who follow Jackie Aina, or “La Bronze James,” can break into her intro song at the drop of a hat. She’s one of the few YouTubers worth watching even if you have minimal interest in beauty. Her personality is that magnetic. Watch the video she did with Harper’s BAZAAR if you don’t believe me (or watch it if you do). Jackie Aina’s videos are all the glam and humor you never knew you needed, but she’s also a boss in the way she calls out companies like Tarte for their unimpressive and non-inclusive foundation shade range. She recently partnered with Too Faced to curate nine new shades for their Born This Way foundation.

Jackie has also partnered with Artist Couture to create two Diamond Glow Powder Highlighters, La Bronze and La Peach ($28). There’s more than enough product in these highlighters to keep you glowing all summer.


Stephanie Nicole

If you want detailed reviews, tutorials, and a series of step-by-step skincare routines, look no further than Stephanie Nicole.  She works as a consultant in the beauty industry, and isn’t afraid to criticize companies for having less than stellar products. Her Sephora VIB buying guides are required viewing before the November and April VIB/Rouge sales. And if there weren’t already enough reasons to follow her, her collabvideos with Caroline Hirons are basically #friendshipgoals.

Stephanie Nicole introduced me to my favorite cleanser in her most recent Sephora VIB guide, the Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser ($26).


Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley is that rare individual who looks good in every shade of lipstick. Seriously. You may remember she made headlines a few months back after a microblading experience gone wrong, but her channel is worth a visit for more than this cautionary tale. Between her amazing tutorials (like this one inspired by Kim Kardashian West’s Met Gala look) and odd, yet relatable, love of oatmeal, it’s no wonder Alissa made this list.

Alissa Ashley raved about Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks ($26) in a recent tutorial, and now I need to rave about them too.


Taylor (thataylaa)

Are you obsessed with foundation? Maybe you want to watch videos from someone who basically has tried them all. Taylor has an ongoing series, Foundation Friday, where she uploads a new foundation review every Friday, and another series called “15 Days of Foundation.” Last “15 Days,” Taylor ran a donation campaign for Project Beauty Share and raised $21,802.92with the help of her #baerrito fam. She also documented her journey on Accutane, and is a great resource for anyone who is struggling with acne.

Taylor introduced me to the Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint ($56) in her most recent 15 Days of Foundation. Do not be fooled by the name. This is not a tinted moisturizer, but a medium coverage foundation.


Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru)

How could this list not include Tati Westbrook? Tati, who used to work at a Bare Minerals counter in Nordstrom before achieving YouTube superstardom, now runs one of the few YouTube beauty channels that updates every weekday at 1pm EST/10am PST. I have to mention the time, because her channel runs like clockwork. Her recent video with Drew Barrymore will give you all of the makeup feels, especially when they talk about makeup and confidence.

Tati introduced me to Briogeo’s Rosarco line. Much like the kale and apple shampoo and conditioner duo mentioned in an earlier GofG post, this line is worth the splurge.


Written By: Valerie Piro

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