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I have fallen madly in love with Perlier’s Imperial Honey Silk Talcum Powder. It is amazingly soft and gentle to the skin. Perlier offers a vast selection of products… please visit

Perlier’s success is primarily attributed to their on-going commitment to research. Although the Research Center calls upon university laboratories and dermatological centers in Milan and Turin, the most important and basic part of the scientific research is carried out in the company’s own Biological Research Center, LA CARIGNANA. Under the strict guidance of Professor Proserpio, of Turin University, and Professor Bonadeo, at the University of Milan, each a Scientific Research Director in Chemical and Cosmetic Technology, approximately 40 scientists, researchers and technicians (botanists, biologists, agronomists, physicians, and chemists and pharmacists), carry out a vertically integrated research activity. Located near Turin, Italy, La Carignana Estate houses Perlier Natural Recipes Corporate offices, Biological Research Laboratories and Agricultural Experimental Center. Here, on over 150 acres of land, free of pesticides and insecticides, Perlier cultivates under strict control, the plants, flowers and honey from which the ingredients are taken for their preparations. This provides fresh plants for scientific research and the industrial production.


The Imperial Honey Collection


See more at

Last weekend my family and I visited my beautiful friend Princess Amanda Borghese on Amelia Island. The Borghese name is displayed throughout Italy, including Florence at the Palazzo Borghese, Siena, where the family began and Rome where the name is most prominent.
Princess Amanda Borghese and Michelle-Marie Heinemann, Hyacinth Cornelia Heinemann and Hudson Cornelius Heinemann

Rome’s largest Park, Villa Borghese Gardens, was owned by the family until 1902, and one of Rome’s largest museums, Galleria Borghese, holds the family’s art collection. One of Rome’s most famous streets is also named after the family, Via di Fontanella Borghese and the family has a private chapel in one of Rome’s most famous basilicas, Santa Maria Maggiore.

American born Amanda is married to Prince Francesco Marco Luigi Costanzo Borghese, who’s paternal Grandmother was Princess Marcella Borghese. They met at a wedding in Florence Italy while Amanda was living in Madrid….and the rest is history in the making!

Amelia Island is located just off the coast of Northeast Florida. There are 13-miles of beautiful beaches, abundant native wildlife and unique history. Amanda graciously showed us all the fabulous shops, restaurants and beautiful scenery…and arranged a magnificent luncheon at the Marina where her eldest son Skip drove his boat over from Jacksonville with his family to attend. It was such a lovely day and apparent was Amanda’s love for family and bringing people together to celebrate life.
Amanda is an amazing Woman and Mother, she adores her three children and her positive energy radiates into everyone she meets.

Her ultra successful company comes as no surprise as Perlier, one of the most prestigious Italian product lines that specializes in bath and body treatments was the first of its kind to be launched into the world of electronic retailing. The company has been going strong for 22 years and Amanda and Skip are the companies spokespersons. They are brilliant together and can be seen monthly on the HSN channel.

The products are amazing! Amanda sent me home with bags filled with the most luxurious creams, powders, elixirs, lotions, soaps and bath gels. One of my favorites is the Imperial Honey pure silk talcum powder….I smell like a fresh honey blossom and it feels like heaven on my skin. The Perlier line is synonymous with outstanding quality and true opulence.

Years ago Amanda wrote a compressive hardcover coffee table book on Flowers titled “Flowers from my heart.” It is a beautiful book describing the language of Flowers, their myths, history, medicinal, astrological and spiritual aspects. I love Flowers so much I named my daughter Hyacinth, so for me this book encompasses everything extraordinary about Flowers and their ability to be so much more than looking pretty.

Thank you Princess Amanda for your open heart, beautiful spirit and gracious manner that welcomed us to Amelia Island. We love and adore you….

We here at Old Fashioned Mom are proud to introduce Princess Amanda Borghese as our seventh Celebrity Mother!

Princess Amanda Borghese

Left: Princess Amanda Borghese and her husband, Francesco. Right: Amanda with grandchildren, Francesca & Leonardo.

1. How would you describe yourself?

At heart – a spiritual person, who passionately loves her family, friends, her life, and her Creator. I live in constant “gratitude” for all of the above – as THAT is what Life’s true meaning is to ME. I am also an entrepreneur, a searcher of truth, and a perfectionist. I love, love, love: history, travel, good food, the beauty of Nature, art and architecture, music, movies, romance, a good sense of humor and all that is mysterious! And…I love learning about anything!

Old Fashioned Mom - Michelle-Marie Heinemann & Princess Amanda Borghese

Left: Michelle-Marie Heineman & Princess Amanda Borghese. Right: Speaking with Princess Amanda Borghese.

2. Please tell us about your children?

As far as my relationship with them – we are all very close. I am truly blessed with children who are beautiful inside and out – they are compassionate, caring, thoughtful, passionate in work and in life, and they, each one, want to make the world a better place!! They do not “talk” it – they live it! I am very proud of them.


Left: Lorenzo, son. Right: Ilaria, daughter.


Left: Skip, son, with grandson, Massimo (Max). Right: Katie, daughter-in-law, with grandson, Leonardo (Leo), Bottom: Amanda with grandaughter, Isabella.

3. What surprised you most about being a Mother?

That my children would be born in Italy – and that there were such things as “Midwives” in this day and age! I thought Midwives were things of the past. As far as “surprises” – everything surprised me about them! I was not prepared to be a Mom….in school, you are taught everything, but not child rearing! Every day I learned something NEW from my children – how to look at the world thru their eyes, and how to be completely flexible, since their needs and wants changed by the minute. It was fascinating.

4. Do you enjoy cooking for your family? If so, what are their favorite dishes?

I have never enjoyed cooking day to day things. I esp. like “baking’ – desserts, for example. More than cooking, I enjoy when the family can get together – and that usually means around a special meal – Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc. I find that when I have family over I want to be part of the conversation and fun. If I have to cook, I cannot do that, easily!! I usually have these meals catered, but I will almost always do the dessert! Their favorite desserts are OUR DELIGHT and my RUM CAKE – both secret family recipes!

Michelle-Marie Heinemann & Princess Amanda Borghese

Michelle-Marie Heinemann & Princess Amanda Borghese

5. You are a true beauty….can you share your beauty secrets?

I have been the spokesperson (along with my son,Skip) for Perlier Bath & Body products – a line from Italy – on HSN, for almost 20 years. My two favorite products – which I call: “Secrets from the Fountain of Youth” are Perlier’s Honey Royal Elixir and Hydro-Zone.

The Royal Elixir is the only product of its kind – in the WORLD – with pure, living Royal Jelly. Even with modern technology, scientists have not been able to recreate Royal Jelly in the Lab. Its secret has eluded them – yet Perlier has been able to bring this magical formula to our skin, by encapsulating the living Royal Jelly – a Patent that only Perlier owns! The skin appears to get younger before your very eyes.

A clinical study actually showed a 10-fold INCREASE in the skin’s collagen production when using the Royal Elixir!! No other cosmetic company can boast such results.

Hydro-Zone is called the “intelligent hydrator” or the “smart serum”. Perlier was able to take the secret from the Rose of Jericho – which releases moisture on the skin – when , where, and how much the skin needs! The Rose of Jericho is a small, green, evergreen-like plant which can live up to 50 years without water. After years of no water, the Rose of Jericho becomes dried up and brown, yet it can pick up its roots, out of the ground, and roll, like a little tumble weed, across the plains, or desert, until it finds water. Once it finds water, it replants itself, and becomes totally hydrated again, and turns bright green! Its ability to retain enough moisture to live up to 50 years WITHOUT water, is what Perlier’s technology has recreated – a moisturizer to give the skin moisture, where, how much, and when it needs it! This is a “must-have” moisturizer for ANY skin, and works with any other skin regime. It prepares the skin , the way one prepares a canvas before painting – making it uniform in moisture and feel. The skin looks moist and youthful.

Princess Amanda Borghese

Princess Amanda Borghese

6. Please tell us about your family traditions?

We love TRAVELING/VACATIONING together. We plan many family vacations together. This summer we are taking 3 homes, next to each other, on an island in the Caribbean. Two years ago we took a large villa in Tuscany, for the entire family, and before that, a large villa in Lucca. We LOVE being and doing things together! What makes it work, and fun is that we all have a sense of adventure and we are always up for discovery!!

Michelle-Marie Heinemann & Princess Amanda Borghese

Speaking with Princess Amanda Borghese.