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On a gorgeous afternoon in historic Murray Hill at Villa Berulia, I sat down with award winning television producer, Jeff Devlin…to discuss the wonderful joys of Fatherhood. Riding horses and the love of horses are a family pastime and Jeff serves on the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors of the United States Equestrian team. He is also a senior TV Executive with Ride TV, the first and only 24-hour, high definition cable television network and website dedicated to the horse culture and lifestyle. My children are avid equestrians so it was wonderful to share stories of eventing, trainers, and the unconditional love one has for his/her horse.

Jeff has won over 60 awards in his industry and is considered a star, however he is very modest when the talk turns to himself….focusing primarily on the love and support he has for his four children. Being a good Father, spending time with your children and listening are essential for Jeff….we couldn’t agree more!

We here at Old Fashioned Mom are proud to introduce Jeff Devlin as our 3rd Celebrity Father!

1. How would you describe yourself?

First and foremost I consider myself ‘Dad’. I’m that loyal and dedicated knucklehead dad, like Chevy Chase playing Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation. By profession, I’m a TV Producer and do try to pursue creative excellence in all aspects of my professional life. I’ve worked hard my entire life, and am blessed with a strong work ethic I inherited from my artist/writer parents. I’ve served on many public and philanthropic boards, but consider fatherhood my biggest accomplishment.

Jeff Devlin

2. Can you tell us about your children?

I am blessed. I have four amazing successful kids. My son Matthew is a Wall Street guy, turned stay at home Dad to his two young boys, Jack and Lucas. His beautiful wife Nina is a globe trotting, senior pharmaceutical executive, and they made the smart decision that one parent would stay home.

Jeff Devlin

My beautiful daughter Elizabeth is a research scientist working in medical research and truly important life saving stuff. ‘Lizzy’ has two awesome small children, Thatcher and Kathryn. Lizzy is a remarkable wife, mom, sister who seemingly makes it all look easy. I’ve always been in awe of how she balances her busy life with such grace.

Hayley DevlinMy daughter Hayley followed my footsteps into the media world. Hayley works at famed ad agency, BBDO where she is the Account Director, on Guinness and Johnson & Johnson. Hayley is engaged to a talented young attorney, who we adore. Since early childhood, Hayley James, as I call her, has been a passionate equestrian. She has won many events, including a state championship. She recently adopted a thoroughbred off the track, and working diligently to rescue horses that desperately need safe havens.

My youngest daughter Annabelle, recently graduated from SMU’s prestigious Cox School of Business. She landed a terrific job in the marketing department of the movie business company, Deluxe. Annabelle is blessed with beauty on the inside and outside. She is smart, caring, and cherished by all that know her. Like all my children, Annabelle has always been a pride filled joy to me.

3. What do you love most of being a father?

I love being Dad because it is such a privilege to invest in my children. The fact that God would entrust these 4 impressionable children to me is a daunting and humbling responsibility. I love watching my children learn to be gracious, be kind, and how to take care for one another. Being Dad (or Mom) is the most important thing you’ll do in your life. Your parenting skills will impact generations of children to come. If you fail at this, you fail at everything.

Jeff Devlin

4. What valuable lessons did you learn from your parents?

If I mess up in life, I can’t blame my parents. I had a awesome childhood. My parents, Harry and Wende Devlin were amazing people. They met at Syracuse University, fell in love, raised seven children in Mountainside, New Jersey, became famous artists and writers of 27 classic children’s books. They were always home, and beloved by all.

Jeff Devlin

5. What advice would you give today’s generation of Fathers?

Be there! Show up! Be involved in all ages and stages of your child’s life. Read to your children every night for thirty minutes. We must love our children unconditionally, and they must know it. And make your home a fun place to be, and have a great sense of humor, the kids will love it. I know my kids have healthy humor in there lives because they always are making fun of Dad. And that’s fine with me, as I see it as a sign of love.

Jeff Devlin