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Jul 18

Spanish Architecture Firm A-cero is all “The Wave”

This luxury beachfront villa in the Dominican Republic is creating waves, literally.

Wave House exterior pool

One word can sum up this entire property – WOW! It certainly does have the “WOW Factor”, in a Caribbean sort of way. Not sure if I could live in ‘The Wave’ full time, but it would make one great vacation home.

The Madrid-based architectural group A-cero Studio led by Joaquin Torres has slowly but surely cemented (literally) a reputation for designing private houses with intrinsic artistic value. It’s latest home ‘The Wave’ in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. Just steps from the beach on a private stretch of coastline, is a home inspired by the surf, literally…to call this just some nice Dominican Republic real estate, is not doing it justice.


Wave House exterior curves


Dramatic curves are everywhere, from the monolithic entrance, which sweeps upward from the ground to the Nike swoosh-like roof. Constructed from blocks of Coralline (coral), its curves are accentuated by the Caribbean sunshine as the stone shines bright white in contrast to the shadow.

Vast windows that open to the beach are complemented by internal gardens, giving the house on open-air feel. Seating areas and bespoke Coralline furniture are gracefully sunken into the ground. The waves of the external architecture can be seen only in the artistic frames given to the ocean views. And the pool, please! It’s one of the best I have ever seen. Feels like the sea spills into this cement pond.

Interiors and furniture are designed by A-cero and made to measurement; practically the whole production was done in Spain. The stone of exterior Coralline interferes inside to offer visual continuity, and there is this material adapted for the warm present climate the whole year. The entire house is opened to the outside with big, practical and extra large windows.

If you like wide open spaces, simplicity and casual elegance with an ocean view, this place is perfection in paradise.

Wave House interior dining


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