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Jun 18

Skip The Paper Source: NYC Paperies Worth Your Time


Whenever I’m torn over whether a thank you note is *really* necessary, Kris Humphries’ voice rings in my ears: “You don’t want me to resent you, do you?” He was a total psycho, but his caveman voice is motivating. If you’re a civilized human being then you have many occasions to send correspondence: thank you notes for favors called in, gifts received, vacation homes stayed in. Also: birthdays, anniversaries, and the disingenuous card you have to write when you leave a job thanking your boss for ‘opportunities’.

Don’t go for the Rifle Paper cards – they’re more ubiquitous than Tumi carry-ons at a consulting firm. You don’t want your recipient to think you have the taste of the masses, right? If you take the worthwhile effort to patronize one of the following paperies, you’ll have no trouble finding a non-basic, extremely apposite card for whoever you’re writing.


Goods for the Study

Part of the McNally Jackson family, Goods for the Study is across the street from Loring Place. Perfect when you want to grab a hand pressed card before eating fried vegetables masquerading as health. Mercifully spare on the ‘yasss queen’ greeting cards, Goods for the Study is the best place to go if you’re shopping for a man. They have a weirdly large selection of cards for architects.

Goods for the Study, 50 W 8th Street


Pink Olive

Pink Olive is adorable in a Zooey Deschanel way (so some of you may hate it already). Everything is cute and nothing hurts. The vibe is succulents and enamel pins. It’s the best place to go if you’re looking for a ‘ladies supporting ladies’ type card for your friend who considers social justice a hobby (MLK turns over in his grave). Also good if you need a card for someone who has a baby.

Pink Olive, 30 Charles Street


Greenwich Letter Press

You know when you had birthday parties as a kid and there was always that one great friend who brought you a gift and attached to that gift was another smaller gift? This store sells those secondary gifts. Pencils that look like chopsticks. Sticky notes that look like a stick of butter. Greenwich Letterpress has a generous selection of political satire themed items and cards that reference CluelessSex and the City, and Mean Girls. If the store were a person it’d be the sort who takes great pains to be relatable and likens everything to pop culture references.

Greenwich Letterpress, 15 Christopher Street


Paper Presentation

What Paper Presentation lacks in personality it makes up for in selection. One of the only paperies with high ceilings, it sells everything stationery ranging from office-formal to the whimsy touted at smaller stores. You do need to possess some vision because the sheer quantity of inventory is overwhelming and the presentation is not particularly inspired. They carry balloons, candles, and decorations for those ill-conceived occasions when you’re in charge of making a walk-up look festive.

Paper Presentation, 23 West 18th Street



Though not a paperie exclusively, Domus has a large selection of stationery. It’s the perfect place to shop for your earth-loving, vegan pilates instructor – the one who swears by her rose quartz facial roller and reads her horoscope in earnest. Maybe she helped you lose that seemingly unlosable five pounds and thusly deserves something handcrafted by a foreign artisan. Berber pillow anyone? Good karma free with all purchases.

Domus, 413 West 44th St



Written By: Sanibel Chai

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