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Jul 18

Schiller S1 Water Bike – For the Ride of Your Life

Specifically engineered for the water with Schiller’s unrivaled design, technology and engineering, the S1 Water Bike is the world’s most advanced production water bike.  A high quality aquatic cycling vehicle, this bike is designed to deliver and exhilarating, fast and safe ride by using Schiller’s proprietary drive train, integrated handle bar steering and rugged inflatable pontoons.

“Where every ride on the water feels like a vacation.”

Schiller’s S1 Water Bike is quiet, human powered and eco-friendly.  Its light-weight design makes it easy to use, store and take with you anywhere you go!  Dubbed the “world’s best water bike”, you’ll enjoy a vacation every time you take a ride on the water.

luxury water sport products

Designed for salt water environments and perfect for fitness or recreation, this bike is made in the USA in a catamaran meets ultimate cycling design.

Take the ride of your life with the Schiller S1 Water Bike!

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