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Jul 18

Rimowa’s Luggage Redux

For 50 years this German Company has revolutionized luggage, now they do it again with a 1950’s remake.

Rimowa revolutionized the luggage industry back in 1937 when the Cologne, Germany-based case manufacturer introduced a series of train and steamer trunks made from lightweight aluminum. As air travel soared in the 1950s, the family-owned company offered a new corrugated version of its popular aluminum designs in a lightweight and sturdy travel size. This December Rimowa is reintroducing that iconic 1950s corrugated case as part of a limited-edition series appropriately labeled 1950.

“We particularly want to appeal to our customers who still remember the original cases, because their parents, perhaps, traveled with them on their first trips,” explains Rimowa chief executive Dieter Morszeck, whose grandfather started the business more than a century ago. For us it’s a matter of “pure nostalgia,” he says. Each case is available in six sizes, from carry-on to large travel pieces, and is made from the original corrugated duraluminium, the same material used to craft modern airplanes. They also contain the identical deep-blue moir-lined interior and extra- durable handles and feature a retro-style locking device with the limited-edition number stamped into the metal. The 1950 collection is priced from $5,750 to $6,550 and is available exclusively through Rimowa shops worldwide.



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