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Jul 18

Rev Up Your Excitement on the Water!


If you consider traditional sailing and surfing as a bit passé and want to inject a little excitement into your day on the water, take a look at these two adrenaline-infused, must-try sports.

Most folks are familiar with kite boarding: a water sport, which combines aspects of wakeboarding and wind surfing, paragliding and skateboarding. Harnessing the power of the wind and a large controllable power kite, athletes zip across the surface of the water on a kiteboard.

But if you’d like to turn up the heat, then try kite foiling! Spotz, a French manufacturer of kite equipment, spun their passion of kite boarding in 2009 into a ton of fun! The hydrofoil, placed below the board, means the rider is up above the water; reaching far higher speeds and a smoother ride overall. The ride is definitely exhilarating and your next vacation in the tropics, where gentle breezes blow, will be the ideal setting to learn or perfect your skills!

person kiteboarding

Along the same lines as kite foiling is moth foiling, its sailing’s answer to the unicycle. Reaching speeds 50% greater than wind speed, these one-manned cruisers are creating a new breed of sailors.   The foils are mounted under the hull of the craft, which with speed raises the hull up and out of the water. The single moth is popular for sporting enthusiasts and serious racers thanks to leading developers of the sport such as Mach 2 -McDougall McConaghy.

kite foiling

So rev up the excitement during your next day at the beach by experimenting with the challenging and thrilling sport of foiling!


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