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Jul 18

Move Over LaCroix, Ugly Drinks Are Cool For The Summer


Ah, the summer of 2016. we developed an obsession with LaCroix en masse, sipping pastel cans of pamplemousse at every Brooklyn rooftop party, unaware of the approaching shitstorm.

But alas, times have changed. Sure, we still love sparkling water (because we’re health conscious) in Instagrammable cans, but LaCroix is, after all, so 2016. These days, cool kids across the city are all about Ugly.



Ugly Drinks have recently hopped across the pond from the U.K., landing in hipsters’ homes up and down the East Coast. The zero-calorie, zero-sugar sparkling water features nothing artificial and comes in three equally as addicting flavors: Cherry, Lemon Lime, and Peach. (Certainly easier to pronounce than “pamplemousse.) Despite the name, the beverage’s packaging is fun and photogenic, but the biggest draw? It’s delivered straight to your door, every month.

Founded by Hugh Thomas and Joe Benn, who met while working at Vita Coca, the brand values transparent messaging – “Ugly” stands for the “ugly truth.”

“The Millennial consumer today has access to all sorts of information on the internet and is able to find out about brands and products, and at this socioeconomic time of uncertainty, lack of truth in the news and in products as well… they just want something that tells the truth,” Thomas, who’s also the CEO, told Food Navigator USA earlier this year.

The subscription-based service ensures that you’ll never run out of the stuff, or be forced to battle it out at your local Whole Foods. A 24-can trial pack is even available for just $8! So go ahead and get Ugly, if only to join the ranks of the cool kids on Insta.



Written By: Stephanie Maida

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