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Jul 18

Luxury Living’s Top Summer Must Haves!


  1. Strandboard Surfboard Shower– After a day of hitting the waves why not rinse off in style with your very own Strandboard’s surfboard shower. It’s surely to attract the attention of all surfing fanatics. Completely custom made its plumbing features make it easy to install wherever you want it set up. No matter in what part you live in, beach front or not, Strand Boards brings the ocean vibe to you. Truly a great shower to include in your epic Endless Summer! living international
  2. BirkSun Boost Sport Solar Backpack– Ever been on vacation and your phone was on low battery but far away from any outlet just when you were getting the perfect beach shot? Birksun has adventurers in mind and has come up with the Birksun Boost Sport backpack to always have a backup battery charger wherever you travel to. Completely designed with premium, water- resistant fabric all your devices will be safe and protected. The backpack uses a 3-watt waterproof solar panel to power up devices when you are far away from the nearest outlet. It is possible to fuel devices such as smartphones, GoPro Cameras, wireless speakers, and Bluetooth headphones just as fast as a wall outlet can. The battery inside the Boost Sport will be continually charging anytime the solar panel is exposed to living summer top 5With the Birksun the low battery alert won’t prevent you from capturing those unforgettable travel moments. It is TSA approved and perfect for the beach, hiking, or any traveling adventure.The BirkSun Boost Sport backpack is available in six colors: mythos black, glacier white, tropical navy, gunmetal grey, California blue, and festival pink. The company also offers a 30-day trial with a full refund.
  3. CGear Sand-Free Multimat– Keep the sand from bothering you while on summer vacation! The CGear Sand-free Multimat is designed for the beach and other outdoor activities with its dual-layer mesh it maintains the space sand or dirt-free and prevents it from coming back up again. The mat comes with D-rings so you can secure it into the sand or dirt. Enjoy fun-filled beach days without having to worry about the sand invading your space. The multimat is available in two colors and three different sizes. (6x6ft, 8x8ft, 10x10ft) living magazine
  4. Sovaro Luxury Cooler– This summer make a statement and bring to your beach parties the fashionable Sovaro Luxury Cooler. This impressive cooler is not only stylist but can resist temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses cork as the primary insulation inside and a polycarbonate exterior shell and lining. This luxury Cooler will keep all of your beverages and food items nice and cold and is equipped with luggage-style wheels as well as a handle for effortless transportation. Available in three capacities; 30-quart, 45-quart, and 70-quart; this cooler can hold 8, 10, or 18 bottles of wine upright, respectively. The lid of the Sovaro Luxury Cooler is held in place with friction hinges as well as a one-touch latch.
  5. Edlee Bamboo and Wooden Sunglasses– Caring for the environment never looked so good. SHOW THE WORLD by wearing a pair of lightweight, polarized, real Bamboo and Wooden sunglasses. Made from exotic woods, hand finished touches, and inspected by talented craftsmen, each pair of sunglasses were made with style and comfort in mind. Founder and creator Garrett Gustafson has a background in Mechanical Engineering and has given attention to the design to produce a quality product. The Edlee sunglasses are light weight and will gently sit on your nose with the perfect shaped bridge and include special spring hinges to prevent the handles from squeezing your head or any living summer must havesAnd if you ever happen to drop them in the water don’t worry being so light weight and buoyant they are able to float.Every pair of edlee Designs are guaranteed for life. Whether you sit on them, drop them or scratch them, edlee Designs will replace them with no questions asked. The collection includes three lines priced for every budget ranging from the Standard Line, starting at $60, to the Executive line, for $160.


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