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Jul 18

Luxury Living in South America: Spotlight on Punta del Este, Uruguay

In Luxury Living International’s newest series, we are shining the spotlight on some of the best destinations in South America. In this installment, we focus on the happening coastal town of Punta del Este in Uruguay.

Have you considered tasting the good life in South America? While Central American countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, or Mexico have become well-established luxury havens, would-be expats, retirees, and holiday-makers are increasingly looking at their South American counterparts for a slice of the good life abroad. Offering some of the same benefits as the latter (that is, a lenient climate, relaxed lifestyle, friendly people and prices, and the chance to enjoy lush nature and beaches) but also offering abundant history, underexploited potential, and even more bang for your buck, countries like Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, and Colombia boast plenty of assets to tempt even the most discerning and demanding of buyers.

The Expat and Holiday Capital of Uruguay

Punta del Este Uruguay, South America
Those who have made the move all claim it: Punta del Este offers the best quality of life in Uruguay, if not in South America. It’s not hard to understand the enthusiasm: this laid-back, seaside resort in one of the continent’s most developed countries offers a great compromise between South American culture and international standards of living. The year-round pleasant weather, white sand beaches, and vast estates have been attracting a growing community of in-the-know US and European expats who have contributed to the dynamization of the area while preserving some of its small-town feel (the year-round population is only estimated at 9,280, although this number goes up considerably in high season).

While some of its neighbors have been struggling, Uruguay enjoys a rather stable political and economic situation, and residents of the Punta del Este Peninsula benefit from clean, safe, and practical living conditions. Convenience however does not mean boring: the region offers countless land and water pastimes, including horse-riding, golfing, and jet skiing. Yacht owners can indulge in island excursions, while birdwatchers and wine-lovers will revel in the region’s exotic bird species and boutique vintages.

Real Estate Opportunities and Luxury Properties

As the country of estancias (ranches), Uruguay offers a wide range of luxury properties, from top-notch modern developments to grand historic buildings. If you’re considering finding a piece of paradise in Punta del Este, here are three examples of what your money could buy:

luxury living in south america
Those looking for harmony with nature and an outdoors lifestyle will be charmed by the exquisite open design of La Chacra (The Farm). This 300m², 4-suites/6-bathrooms property advertised by Christie’s blends the boundaries of indoors and outdoors living, with large glass windows opening onto the surrounding land and water, letting in plenty of natural light. Besides the beautifully-crafted interior, what makes this property truly special is its extensive outdoor space: located in one of Punta del Este’s most exclusive areas, it comes with its own 200m of coastline, a swimming-pool, a tennis court, several waterside sundecks and terraces, and your own private dock.

luxury homes and properties abroad
For $6 million dollars, you could own this elegantly-furnished, picture-perfect modern residence by the sea in one of Punta del Este’s most desirable locations. Its six bedroom suites, large living areas, manicured lawns, and great swimming-pool with bar space make this Sotheby’s villa an ideal place both to relax in nature and to entertain.

luxury living south america series
If your idea of luxury is more old-world charm and character, you may find it hard to resist this majestic manor listed by Christie’s. The interior of this mini-palace located only 10 minutes from the heart of Punta del Este is all marble pillars, fireplaces and double ceilings, and the only risk is getting lost in its 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. The property further boasts 22,000m of rolling lawns and landscaped grounds, both an indoor and outdoor (pictured at the top of the article) swimming-pool, a hot tub, and a tennis court.


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