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Jul 18

Landon Marine Group’s Fractional Yacht Ownership in Costa Rica

Landon Marine Group’s well-designed “Yachtshare” delivers the dream of owning a hassle-free luxury yacht in Costa Rica at a fraction of the price. 

Los-Suenos-Marina-near-front-of-story-300x186Headquartered at the Los Suenos Resort and Marina in Costa Rica, the Landon Marine Group are very clear about their mission. Working on behalf of boating enthusiasts in Costa Rica and Panama, the company stands behind its motto: “Live life like you mean it.” This company’s quality line of yachts and range of services makes good on this promise, and none more so than its innovative fractional ownership program, which makes dreams of owning a luxury yacht easier to achieve . Add to that the allure of Costa Rica, with its near-perfect waters for cruising and world-class sport fishing, and Landon possesses the ideal model for continued success.

Landon Marine Group (LMG) and its fractional yacht program at Los Sueños Marina represent four respected yacht manufacturers — Riviera, Grady-White, Azimut and Marquis—with yacht choices ranging in size from 18 to 95 feet. The firm also operates from Marina Papagayo, Marina Pez Vela and Banana Bay Marina in Costa Rica, as well as Brisas de Amador in Panama.

LMG was founded in 2001 by Eric Landon when he retired after 35 years in the aviation industry, many as a Boeing 747 captain. According to Landon, his aviation background applied perfectly to the boating industry. “There’s only one way to fix a problem—the correct way,” he says. “I’ve always felt the most important part of owning a boat is having a strong service department willing to look after the problems as they arise and be accountable for their work. We have achieved this with taking time to hire and train good technicians.”

El-Tingo-300x179That philosophy is reassuring to a yacht owner and has helped the company gain acceptance for its increasingly popular Yachtshare program, which began when Eric & Heidi Landon were looking to own a new yacht but didn’t want to tie up the capital required. Based on proven fractional ownership approaches for vacation homes and jets, it made sense to purchase a yacht with partners and split the operating and maintenance expenses, particularly since very few mariners use their yachts on a regular basis. When word spread there was a way to own a luxury boat in Costa Rica at a fraction of the cost of full ownership, Yachtshare blossomed. Now, in addition to setting up fractional ownership—usually involving one-eighth or one quarter shares—LMG maintains and crews the yachts, handles all maintenance and upkeep, pays all bills and renews permits. That leaves an owner with just one task—enjoying the yacht.

It’s important to note that the fractional ownership for each yacht is structured as a legal corporation that makes each owner a shareholder of the corporation. This translates into legal ownership of a share that can be transferred.

Sirena-Riv-51-300x179The presence of the Yachtshare program is a boon for any boating enthusiast wanting to cruise and fish the exquisite waters of Costa Rica and adjacent Central American countries. LMG’s variety of operational locations adds easy access and service features that further enhance the boating experience. The Los Sueños Marina, for example, is one of four government-sanctioned marinas operating in Costa Rica and is recognized as the ultimate full-service port for luxury yachts and sport fishing boats. LMG’s northernmost location, Marina Papagayo, is just a 30-minute drive from the international airport in Liberia and has been called “the newest treasure of Costa Rica’s North Pacific Coast.” Marina Pez Vella offers services rivaling those of any five-star resort marina, while Banana Bay Marina sits on a deep gulf at the edge of a tropical rainforest in Golfito.

Combine a creative fractional ownership program, range of services and lush tropical locations, and it’s the perfect time and place to consider fulfilling the Landon Marine Group’s ideal of living life like you mean it. For more information on the Landon Yacht Share fractional ownership program, find them at


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