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Jun 18

Heir & There: Where To Vacation Like A Royal


After all their official work, the Royal Family – rightly so – indulges in lavish holidays. The destinations are varied in climate and by continent, curated and customized – and you can bet your-royal-highness, luxurious as hell. Here (Heir) are some of the exquisite getaways that have been, and continue to be, frequented by royals across the globe. Put these regal hot spots on your bucket list and you may even find your own Prince Charming – at least long enough for a vacation fling.




Who: Prince William and Kate Middleton

What: For summer holidays, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been known to travel to the private island of Mustique in the Grenadines, during the months of February and March to join the Middletons at their home for annual holiday. The Duke and Duchess duo have enjoyed staying at Aurora House, a three-bedroom cottage with a five-person staff and breathtaking views of the truest of the bluest waters one could ever set their eyes on.

The royal roots of this oasis go all the way back to Princess Margaret, William’s Great-Aunt, who had her very own villa, Les Jolies Eaux – because when you’re a royal you aren’t shacking it up in a hut. At Mustique, an island full of enchantment awaits. View your villa and plan your royal retreat; take pictures for the gram, and leave your followers saying, “it must be Mustique.”


Alberta, Canada


Who: Royal Newlyweds, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (oh, and the Queen)

What: Located in Alberta’s breathtaking Jasper National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the iconic Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Resort, was rumored to serve as the destination for this couple’s honeymoon retreat. Luxurious, earthy, picturesque and rich in history, this place provides the ultimate respite from the chaotic days in the life of being a royal (it takes a lot of energy to be royal and fabulous and look that good 24/7!). At 6,000 square feet, and around $7000 per night, the royal treatment certainly won’t lack here.

History has it that this very same resort was frequented by several members of the royal family, including King George VI in 1939, and Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on a visit in June 2005. This truly reigns supreme as a British royal family favorite destination.


Courchevel & The French Alps


Who: The Royal Family

What: The French Alps are the go-to spot to hit the slopes and ski. Every year, multiple members can be found among the Alps. Princess Diana preferred this destination as a family favorite for snow-filled getaways, with the tradition continuing, as Prince William headed to the luxe town of Courchevel with Duchess Kate and their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, for their first holiday as a family. Of course, Prince Harry hits the slopes quite often so we’re sure he and Meghan will jet-set off to the Alps for frequent ski trips.




Who: The Royal Family

What: Another Royal resort town, Verbier is the ultimate place for partiers who take their slopes and skis seriously. Hailed as one of the premier ‘off-piste’ resorts in the Alps and in the world, the cozy Swiss town has all of the accommodations for a luxurious getaway. And not only that, it’s no secret that this is the very place where Princess Eugenie first met fiance, Jack Brooksbank, and where Princess Eugenie’s own mother, Fergie, danced on a bar and flashed the crowd at the Farm Club in the ’70s (like we said, Verbier is known for quite the party scene), and last but not least, it also served as the setting of Prince William’s signature “dad dance” last year.




Who: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

What: A scorching safari in Africa is sure to amp up any romance. Just weeks after their blind date, Harry whisked Meghan away to Meno A Kwena, a chic yet authentic camp in Botswana featuring antique maps, oriental rugs, and leather furniture. Talk about glamping! Situated cliffside, the hideaway offers stunning sunset views, as well as up close and personal sightings of zebras, elephants, and other exotic animals!




Who: Basically the place most coveted by every royal, infleuncer, celeb, and the most important people you will ever meet.

What: Once the front-runner for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s honeymoon destination, a West Indies isle of choice for Princess Diana, and vacation hot spot for the world’s most powerful leaders, Nevis is exactly the kind of royal retreat you never knew you needed.

Prince Harry most notably visited the island with his mom in 1993, where they stayed at the magnificent 19-room Montpelier Plantation & Beach. Fit for a prince and princess, Nevis is the oldest British colony in the Caribbean. A majestic gem in the tropics, where one can find wild donkeys (you heard that right – wild donkeys)monkeys, mangoes galore, goats casually roaming through the hills, a single main road, and zero traffic lights, this place is basically heaven on earth.

As if that weren’t enough to pick up and globe-trot right now, it also also features no chain stores, no snobby cheap souvenir stands, and no pollution-causing Carnival cruise ships. Ah, what it’s like to vacation like the Royals….




Who: Princess Beatrice

What: Harry and William’s titled cousin keeps company with a number of A-listers. In fact, everyone from Ellie Goulding and Misha Nonoo to Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner joined her on an exotic getaway to Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert earlier this year for a vaca full of sand and dirt biking. Of course, the Prince of Jordan himself made an appearance during their camping trip. You may not get quite the royal treatment, but it sure looks fun.




Who: The Spanish Royal Family

What: Marivent Palace, the Spanish royals’ summer vacation destination and very own private residence, is the home where King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain are seen taking frequent strolls – I mean, I’d stroll around and marvel at the Palace too, if only I owned it. King Felipe VI has spent the Balearic summers there since he was a young child, and is keeping the annual tradition going strong with his own family, bringing Queen Letizia and Crown Princess Leonor and Princess Sofía to the opulent palace every summer. The palace gardens stretch across a grand total of around 9,700 square feet and boasts some serious green thumb envy, featuring 40 different plant species! If you’re ever lucky enough to make it there over Easter holiday, you might beat the clock and find waiting for you (well, there vacationing at least), the King, Queen, and Princesses themselves.


Written By: Danielle Spoleti

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