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Jul 18

Hartmann’s New 7R Collection

Hartmann, a leader in luxury luggage for over 135 years, continues its commitment to creating “luggage so fine, it will stand as a symbol of excellence” with the release of their new and improved 7R Collection. The new 7R incorporates the essence of Hartmann combing luxurious, innovative and elegant design with intelligent functionality and the highest quality of craftsmanship. Boasting a unique and rich appearance with the new Hartmann-exclusive Curv pattern these pieces boast luxury leather detailing, a fully customized interior and dual wheel handles for ideal comfort. These are the ideal suitcases for demanding professionals and stylish travelers and are a favorite for affluent travelers due to the unsurpassed level of quality and elegant design.

Hartmann_7R_Lock-HandleHartmann_7R_Top handleHartmann 7R collection design


The 7R collection comes in four Spinner sizes (S,M,L,XL), and is available in 3 bold colors: Black, Rose Gold, and Titanium. They are equipped with double wheels, premium leather handles and a recessed TSA-approved combilock for secure travel.

Hartmann has also presented a new addition to the 7R collection. Their newly available Titanium Suitcase is perfect for those who are interested in a durable, scratch resistant accessory combined with timeless elegance and style. Titanium ensures consistent color overtime and the promise of a long-wearing, luxurious range that will wear beautifully and effortlessly.

For a step back to Hartman’s 1920s travel glamour, discover the Limited Edition 7R Master Ducord Collection which features a throw-back to their iconic trademark DuCord stripes. This elegant 7R collection portrays Hartman’s essence: luxurious, innovative and the highest standards of quality. The suitcase is made of the finest aluminum and only 1000 pieces of the 7R Master will be available, each with the production number engraved.


Hartmann_7R master_SP S Lim ed. WHEEL HANDLEHartmann 7R master SP S Lim ed. FRONTHartmann_7R master_SP S Lim ed. LOGO

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