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Jul 18

Exclusive Bahamian Enclave Albany Announces New Luxury Residences

The private retreat founded by Tiger Woods and Ernie Els is set to develop new residences swathed by a sea of amenities for those looking to get away to the Bahamas in luxury and style.

Nestled along the southwestern end of New Providence Island in the Bahamas, Albany is both a yachtsman’s paradise and a nature-lover’s playground. The luxury resort community was inspired by the natural beauty of its 600 acres of oceanfront land and a love for the outdoors held by two of its founding owners — golf legends Tiger Woods and Ernie Els.

Together with the private investment company Tawistock Group, they created this perfectly pristine Bahamian retreat, which boasts an Ernie Els designed 18-hole championship golf course and a 71-slip marina with state-of-the-art floating docks that can accommodate boats ranging in size from 50 footers to 300-foot mega yachts.

Now, the private retreat plans to expand on that exemplary quality of life and luxury with a new residence community. Christened the Honeycomb for its unique design, this stunning example of architecture overlooks the marina and will be home to a collection of floor plans ranging from two-bedroom residences to seven-bedroom penthouses. Panoramic ocean views and zero-entry pools are icing on the cake for owners of this prestigious real estate opportunity.

This new phase of development in Albany brings with it planned expansion of the community itself, as well. Existing facilities already include a luxury boutique hotel, boutique retail shopping district, a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa, and a wealth of amenities for family fun and entertaining children.

Slated for the new project are a wealth of services designed to make living the luxurious life in the Bahamas feel that much more like home. A new health and wellness center, medical facilities, and a financial center offering enterprise-level services will offer residents the opportunity to both live and work from their Bahamian getaway on the sea.

This 21-mile-long powerhouse of an island is a perfect fit for visitors who travel on private jets and enjoy an active lifestyle enhanced by the bounty of their surroundings. From beach runs and paddle boarding to horseback riding beside the emerald sea, the natural amenities are just one part of what makes Albany so special. Add in the opportunity for excitement awarded by the presence of a high stakes casino and a fully bevy of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, and it really does start to sound like paradise.

“Since opening, Albany has welcomed 150 families from 17 countries to become a part of our resort community,” says Christopher Anand, Albany’s managing partner. “Our owners and guests range from entrepreneurs and C-suite executives to musicians and professional athletes, all of whom enjoy the relaxed, friendly, discreet and welcoming lifestyle of Albany.”

Visit Albany, Bahamas to learn more about this unparalleled combination of surroundings, architecture, sporting amenities and service.


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