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Aug 18

Dua Lipa’s New Crop Top Does Julia Roberts Proud

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Dua Lipa seems capable of pulling just about anything off—she can don a bold monochrome suit with just as much ease as she can a two-piece Vaquera set that looks like it was made from your grandmother’s curtains. If there’s one thing you can always expect from the British pop star’s wardrobe, though, it’s a chic crop top, whether she is taking in the New York City skyline or on stage in a ruffled miniskirt.

Lipa’s latest take on the youthful style finds her putting a ’90s-inspired spin on the contemporary cut. Lipa paired a Pretty Woman crop top—Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are essentially smizing from the tiny T-shirt—with some Y2K-era sunglasses. And while Lipa’s look is quite a throwback, she finished it all off with a timeless accessory: an adorable little dog that’s nestled on her shoulder. Roberts would undoubtedly approve.


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