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Jul 18

Costa Rica: Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady Find Peaceful Paradise

When we look for a vacation spot or a second home, we’re normally seeking a sense of peace or a more relaxed state of mind. It might be a luxurious beach house in St. Kitts or a small intimate villa in Barbados, but there’s one thing most people’s dream getaways will have in common — a peaceful serene environment, beyond the reaches of our modern fast-paced lives.

Gisele Bündchen, the world’s highest paid Supermodel and wife to football star Tom Brady, has found such a place in Costa Rica. An advocate of living a healthy lifestyle that nurtures a person both inside and out, she used Costa Rica as inspiration when developing her personal line of skincare products called Sejaa.

The promotional video for Sejaa was filmed mostly in Costa Rica, in what Bündchen considers a peaceful environment, so as to embrace the true essence behind Seeja. In the video, Bündchen can be seen living her tranquil Costa Rican lifestyle: surfing, riding horseback along the beach, sitting poolside at her home, meditating, and even practicing Tai Chi.

Take a peek:

It’s easy to see how attractive such luxurious getaways can be. Costa Rica in particular has gained a reputation as being the ideal place to find and restore personal well-being to an otherwise hectic life. Stunning beaches and crystal-blue waters offer the perfect platform for peace and tranquility while an endless supply of nature, wildlife and outdoor activities offer fun and adventure, if that’s more of what you seek.

Indeed, Costa Rica’s charm lies in its ability to be whatever you need it to be. For Bündchen, it’s a serene paradise where she can work on her personal well-being and spirituality and enjoy time with her family away from a hectic LA lifestyle. Her second home in Costa Rica is where Bündchen can breath and relax.

Other celebrities and high-profile people have turned to Costa Rica to find their own slice of paradise as well. Most recently, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon found enchantment in the Northern Province of Guanacaste, joining the ranks of Sting, Harrison Ford, and others who have come to call Costa Rica home, at least for a little while. And several Costa Rica beaches were recently voted “Best of Latin America” in Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards.

What about you? Where will you find your peaceful retreat? Perhaps Costa Rica holds a piece of paradise for you as well.



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