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Jul 18

Copenhagen & New York Meet Tulum at Hotel La Zebra

Two exciting concepts are making their way to Tulum. Noma Mexico will be popping up at the Colibri boutique hotel La Zebra this summer, bringing its world-class dining experience from Copenhagen to the Riviera Maya. René Redzepi reunited with friend and former sous-chef Rosio Sanchéz, of Copenhagen’s Hija de Sanchez, to develop a new and original menu using only local and indigenous Mexican ingredients.

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Rene Redzepi in the kitchen- Noma Mexico © 2016 Vincent L Long

Working with Sanchez and a small group of international chefs, the Noma team have already begun to develop their vision for the Mexico residency. By traveling across the country in search of inspiration, they’ll incorporate flavors and preparations from Mexico City to Ensenada, Chiapas to Puebla, Oaxaca to Guadalajara, and throughout the Yucatán Peninsula.


At Noma, shorts and sandals are the norm but good taste always sets the standard.

Noma Mexico will be situated outdoors between the Caribbean Sea and the canopy of the jungle, just steps away from La Zebra boutique hotel, where shorts and sandals are the norm but good taste is held to the highest standard. Its doors open April 12, 2017.

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La Zebra Hotel situated on the Caribbean Sea

Also at the La Zebra hotel will be another pop up from New York’s lauded cocktail bar, Mulberry Project. Featuring tequila, mezcal and rum, in particular, guests will be able to suggest a favored base cocktail for the mixologist to start off from, rather than ordering from a standard preconceived menu. Jasper Soffer, co-founder and owner of the original Mulberry Project in downtown Manhattan, says, “We don’t believe in boredom. We want to surprise you and please you at the same time. We’ll give you a cocktail you’ve probably never had before, something that fits with the magic that is Tulum.” Clearly, it seems that the place to be in Tulum this year is eating and drinking at La Zebra.



By Jackie Bryant

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