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Jul 18

Celebrity Fitness: Get On Board With Jennifer Aniston

Catching The Wave Of The Future with Jennifer Aniston and Other Paddle Boarding Enthusiasts

If you come anywhere close to a beach these days, you’re going to notice a trendy new sport taking hold: paddle boarding. It is rapidly emerging in popularity all around the world, from the most remote and isolated getaways to the trendies, most luxurious resorts. Paddle boarding is the wave of the future.

It started back with the kings of the Hawaiian Islands, who used the boards specifically for training and exercise purposes. Now, the kings and queens of Hollywood have adopted the sport.

Jennifer Aniston has made quite a few splashes in the news while spiritedly guiding her paddle boardthrough glassy blue waters on numerous occasions. Aniston has never led women astray; from how to maintain beautiful hair to the basics of a healthy diet, she has served as a competent source for workout and beauty trends. And again she leads her followers into friendly waters. No doubt the dedicated masses will follow her lead down this paddle boarding road. And they should, since paddle boarding is a great workout!

Surfers have long been admired for their outstanding physiques, and paddle boarding gives you a similar workout, without the brutal ten foot waves to navigate. Paddle boarding is in essence a leisurely way to surf. You can lie on it and paddle in a swimming motion or standup and use a long curved paddle to propel yourself forward.

Be advised that paddle boarding is most successful in calmer waters. So, next time you find yourself on the beautiful sands of Costa Rica, or in the Caribbean, make sure you bring a paddle board along, as no luxury vacation is complete without one.

Check out other celebrity paddle boarders maintaining their hot bodies with this trendy new sport.



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