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Jul 18

Celebrity Edge Brings the Latest in Ultra Luxe Cruising

Innovative and over-the-top luxury options are popping up all over the travel industry, from hotels to airlines, and cruising is no exception. In March 2017, Celebrity Cruises unveiled details about its newest ultra-luxe ship, one that is pushing boundaries and sure to change the industry. Celebrity Edge, which is scheduled to debut at the end of 2018, was designed with, “connecting people back to the ocean” in mind. This feature-driven ship offers more experiences: the first real grass lawn at sea and appointing fine art throughout the entire ship, for example.

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As for the structure of the ship, the “bones” have been inverted, lying on the inside. The steel that supports the outside of the ship now runs along its middle, creating a seamless blend between cabin and balcony, more space and less awkward edges–a change that reflects the popularity of river cruise ship design. These benefits are not just reserved for suites: standard cabins reflect these changes, as well.

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The first ship to be designed by 3D, this technology allowed designers to actually imagine themselves in the space, in place of passengers. This means that frequent changes were made once functionality was evaluated in a forward-looking way that has never been possible in cruise design. The ship has also been outfitted with smart technology, updating the crew of passengers’ locations via their mobile phones, so the crew is always at the ready to fulfill drink and food orders or other whims.

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Cruising is a major industry that has struggled to capture the attention of ultra-luxury vacationers. With the new innovations offered by Celebrity Edge, it seems the future is already here and would-be passengers at all levels have something designed exactly with them in mind.

By Jackie Bryant



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