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Jul 18

Castelle’s New Contemporary Line


Castelle, the luxury furniture company, has released a new contemporary line that brings a sharper and more modern look to outdoor environments while keeping with their iconic theme of opulence. The four different designs included in this new selection: Eclipse, Orion, Park Place, and Trento each represents the luxury outdoor living conveyed by Castelle in all of its furniture and accessories.
castelle luxury furnishings


The contemporary motifs of this new line feature the signature, deep and luxurious Castelle seats, perfect for lounging and relaxing at the end of any day, and the cloud-like cushions are nicely contrasted by sharp, modern lines. From sofas fit for comfortable relaxation to pool loungers made for soaking up the sun, Castelle’s contemporary collection of outdoor furniture and accessories is nothing short of 5-star quality ideal for luxury living.





Written By: Rachael Buckoski


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