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Jul 18

Blue Ivy Sipping A Tropical Drink In A Pool On A Yacht Is Everything You Wish You Were

When your parents are Jay-Z and Beyonce, living the good life comes naturally. Spending your summer on a million dollar a week yacht in Italy? It’s casual.

Proving just how unfazed by luxury she is, Blue Ivy Carter, the six-year-old Richest Kid of Instagram, calmly sipped a (virgin) tropical cocktail in pool on her parents’ yacht, decked out in a designer ruffled bathing suit and cat-eye shades. The glamorous moment was captured in a photo posted to her mother’s official website, where other snaps of Blue showed her meditating and matching with her mama during their holiday in Europe.

Needless to say, Blue Ivy On Vacation is the internet’s official summer #mood.

Written By: Stephanie Maida

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