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Jul 18

Baliceaux Island is “The Cinderella” of the Grenadines

The Cinderella of the Grenadines

The Cinderella of the Grenadines, Baliceaux is often overlooked in favor of its celebrity siblings, Mustique and Bequia. All three islands sit just south of Kingstown, population 25,000, the capital of the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Now perfectly poised to follow in international tourism destinations Mustique and Bequia’s footsteps, it is time for 320-acre Baliceaux to step into the spotlight.

Discovered by Spanish sailors in the 15th century, Baliceaux has escaped the commercialization and development that many of its Windward Island neighbors have succumbed to, making this 320-acre paradise one of the last truly unspoiled gems in the Lesser Antilles. Just ten minutes by boat west of Bequia and north of Mustique, this magnificent isle is an undeveloped gem just waiting for the right person to let it shine.

The island offers outstanding hiking through its lush terrain and rugged trails. Azure waters frame sheltered bays and coves. Crumbling cliffs bookend gentle meadows.  Exquisite golden beaches arc round bays on Baliceaux’s eastern and western shores, while the island’s high point, Gun Hill, was a lookout for soldiers during the Carib Wars of 1772-1797. There are still artifacts to be found from these days, and possibly other treasures-the pirate Blackbeard sailed his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge round Baliceaux’s waters in the early 1700s. For a modern take on glitz, Mustique’s dazzling nightlife, shopping, and golf are a swift boat ride away.

One of only about 20 islands in the idyllic chain, this exceptionally rare property would be an ideal private estate for someone requiring the utmost in privacy or for development. Those looking to lure an upscale clientele need only travel to Mustique and Bequia for ideas for an exclusive resort or elite residential venture.

Goats and cattle graze Baliceaux’s slopes, and remains of dwellings dot the island. The one remaining home houses the caretaker and his family. Privately owned by one family who lived on Baliceaux until the 1920s, this diamond in the rough is on the market for $30,000,000.

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