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Jul 18

Architect Hand Builds Luxury Villa in Turks and Caicos Islands


Jasper House was designed and hand built in Turks and Caicos Islands by two successful architects from New York City who graduated with their Master’s Degree in Architecture from Columbia University in 2006. It is a dream for every architect to design and build their own house. Ryan Harvey and Christina Kwak worked each and every day for almost three years to hand-build Jasper House. The attention to details and construction techniques are unsurpassed in Providenciales. Completion of Jasper House was completed in 2013 when the couple moved back to New York.



“This exquisite, well-appointed oceanfront residence is in an idyllic setting with spectacular ocean front views overlooking Sapodilla Bay and is surrounded by beautiful, colorful gardens.”

This is a special house, designed with a tip of the hat to the British West Indies Colonial style, it is surrounded by a large wrap around veranda in the front and large decks at the back facing the ocean. Jasper House is an exceptional real estate property in Turks and Caicos example of what two architects can do if they work each and every day at building a home.


Ryan Harvey is currently working with on Google’s new head office in Mountain View, California. Ryan’s wife, Christina is working for a successful architectural firm out of New York City and is project architect on a school in Rhode Island, New York. Each and every day both architects were on site with hands on work to assure the construction adhered to each and every detail that is unsurpassed in the islands.


About Privax International Limited: Turks and Caicos has world-class spas and resorts, trip advisor’s number one beach in the world, fine dining, local culture, and the world renown coral reefs. This country has no property tax or income tax. For more information on what two architects can accomplish with daily, hands on input on building a home, please visit


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