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Jul 18

A Japanese Estate on Virgin Gorda


Have you ever wanted to take a peek inside 23,500 square-foot, hillside Virgin Gorda home? You’re in luck. This $40 million beauty has been on the market since June 2016 and is the third-largest home on the island.


The house took seven years to build and was completed in 2014. It overlooks the Little Dix Bay peninsula with long-range views of the Caribbean Sea, as well. Its design inspiration is drawn from Japan, where the home’s name, Villa Katsura, was also derived. An imperial villa of the same name is in the suburbs of Kyoto, but this property boasts distinctly Caribbean features.


Those unique touches include a main house that, in addition to a living room, kitchen and guest bedroom, boasts an open floor plan looking out to a terrace, multiple fire pits and a pool. A heated rock pool was also built alongside the main pool and also incorporates a steam shower room and waterfall.

For more dramatic flair, the master suite is accessed only over a small bridge. It has its own sun terrace and fire pit, along with a double shower, koi pond and, of course, another waterfall.


A third structure contains three additional bedrooms and bathrooms. In total, the house has five bedrooms and five baths, each with a bespoke flourish, for instance an ofuro bath, which is a deep, steep-sided traditional wooden tub often found in Japan’s spas.


The layout of the property was designed to be flexible and is said to be made as such to attract hoteliers-to-be. It also comes with a sandy, semi-private beach shared with only one other property.


The gardens are another strong selling point, designed by Hoichi Kurisu of Kurisu International, a Portland- and Delray Beach, Florida-based landscape firm. Winding stone paths, waterfalls, bridges, koi ponds and private gardens–including a rock garden–dot the entire compound and add luxe tranquility to every corner of Villa Katsura.


One of the most expensive properties on the island, Villa Katsura was clearly designed with the most discerning client in mind. It’s certainly a must-look for anyone who’s a self-admitted architecture geek, owing to the property’s adherence to traditional Japanese architectural style and principles. Of course, being surrounded by waterfalls while overlooking the Caribbean Sea isn’t a bad enticement all its own, and is just one reason we’re sure people will be admiring this property for a long time to come.




Written By: Jackie Bryant

Images:  Coldwell Banker

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