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Jul 18

8 Memberships Every Cool New Yorker Needs

You know what they say, “I don’t want to belong to any club that I didn’t pay to get into.” Well, something like that.

In the vast social landscape that is NYC, it can be hard to find your niche – especially if your desired niche is full of hot, successful people. Luckily, you can buy almost anything in this city, including a new group of friends. Click through for every membership you need to climb up the ladder.

[Photo via @villageluxe]


Soho/Ludlow/DUMBO House

All three New York members’ clubs are part of the Soho House empire, though each one certainly has it’s own flavor. The OG Soho House, located in the Meatpacking District, is a mainstay, though it’s the most basic and euro-filled option these days. Ludlow House, in the LES, has more of an artsy, downtown-cool crowd, but DUMBO, the newest addition, is where you want to be. Boasting both Cecconi’s and an unbelievable rooftop pool, it’s no wonder the spot has the who’s who traveling to Brooklyn.

DUMBO House, 55 Water St., Brooklyn

[Photo via @100gramsofsun]


Spring Place

The chic members-only co-working space in Tribeca (which recently served as New York Fashion Week’s main hub), falls somewhere between a social club and a dream office. Young, moneyed entrepreneurs from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, art, and business have access to private workspaces, conference rooms, a restaurant, and a lounge.

Spring Place, 6 St Johns Lane

[Photo via Spring Place]



Hey, if it’s good enough for Will and Kate, right? NeueHouse is yet another private co-working space for the culturally elite, with locations in New York and Los Angeles (perfect for all you bi-coastal types). The clubhouse provides entrepreneurs with high-end workspaces, special events, and plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with the creative community.

NeueHouse, 110 East 25th Street

[Photo via NeueHouse]


Equinox Printing House

While an Equinox membership is a good place to start, Printing House is the crème de la crème of gyms – especially if you’re looking to socialize. It’s not included in your regular Equinox membership, even if you have a plan that lets you pop into any location, so you’ll have to shell out extra just for access here. The luxury gym costs $205 a month, but if you want to add global access it’s $295 – plus a $500 initiation fee. Worth it for the rooftop pool and hordes of hot bodies.

Equinox Printing House, 421 Hudson St.

[Photo via @cdevin97]


Guest of a Guest

Since modesty gets you nowhere in life, we’re not going to pretend our Social Calendar isn’t the best in the city. For elbow rubbers seeking the hottest events to attend every night of the week, a GofG membership is a must. Not only do you get VIP invites delivered straight to your email, you also receive exclusive members’ perks at hot spots around town, as well as access to our own A-list bashes. Because there’s nothing worse than dressing up for a night out and being forced to party among Bridge & Tunnelers, sign up HERE.



Now that your Insta feed is full of snaps of you at the coolest events around town (thanks to us, obvi), it’s time to apply to Raya. The dating app of celebrities, models, influencers, and creatives takes you to a new tier in dating. To keep it uber exclusive, there is an extensive application process (your Instagram will get judged), but once you’re in, you’ll never have to swipe through the losers on Tinder again.

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The Wing

Sorry guys, this one is for ladies only. With three locations across the city (including a new outpost in DUMBO), The Wing serves as an innovative, all-inclusive members’ hang for women excelling in fields across the board. If you’re in the market for a new girl crush, this is the place to be.

The Wing, Multiple Locations

[Photo via The Wing



If Rent The Runway just isn’t doing it for you anymore, it’s time to raid the closets of some of the chicest fashionistas around town. And no, we don’t mean in a Bling Ring way. Villageluxe, an exclusive peer-to-peer platform, allows you to rent designer items from fellow New Yorkers’ closets, meaning you can carry a Birkin this summer for just $250. Skip the waitlist with invite code summer18 and you’ll fit in with your moneyed new friends in no time.

[Photo via @villageluxe]



Written By:  Stephanie Maida

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