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Jul 18

5 Patriotic Cocktails Perfect For Drinking Away Your Disappointment With This Country


Rocket Pop

A fun slushy to get all nostalgic about when you were a blissfully ignorant child.


Red (bottom):

-1-part SVEDKA Vodka
-1-part sour mix
-½ part strawberry purée
-½ part water

White (middle):

-1-part SVEDKA Vodka
-1-part coconut cream
– ½ part lime juice
-½ part water

Blue (top):

-1-part sour mix
-½ part blue curaçao
-½ part lime juice
-½ part water

INSTRUCTIONS: Ideally this will be made in either three separate blenders, or three separate slushie machines. Simply dispense in the right order and garnish with watermelon shaped star.


American Dream Punch

Good for sharing, like the wealth and opportunity we should be sharing with immigrants.


-2 parts SVEDKA Vodka
-½ part Orange Curaçao
-½ part simple syrup
-1-part fresh lime juice
-Dash grenadine

INSTRUCTIONS: Combine ingredients in a pitcher and top with ice. Garnish with blackberries and mint.






Tito’s Bay Breeze

Courtesy of our friends over at Minibar Delivery. A tropical sip for pretending you are anywhere but in the USA.


-1 ½ oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka
-2 oz cranberry juice
-2 oz pineapple juice

Add Tito’s Handmade Vodka, cranberry juice and pineapple juice to a highball glass with ice. Pro-tip: If you’re feeling fancy, use a fresh cored pineapple.


Lemongrass Sparkler

Like a firecracker in your mouth.


-1/2 oz Lemongrass simple syrup
-1/2 oz Lime juice
-2 Dashes of bitters
-3 oz. Chandon
-Lemongrass for garnish

Pour lemongrass simple syrup, lime juice and bitters in the base of a coupe glass and top with Chandon Brut Classic.



Maryland Mule

Classic Americana without all the horrors.


-2 oz Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey
-4 oz Ginger Beer
-1/2 Lime, squeezed


Fill a copper mug with ice.
Pour in Sagamore Spirit Rye.
Squeeze lime into mug.
Top off with ginger beer.
Garnish with a berries




Written By: Stephanie Maida




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