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Jun 18

10 Chic Summer Hostess Gifts To Make You The Most Beloved Guest


A hostess gift isn’t supposed to be extravagant. It’s a token to uphold your ‘never arrives empty handed’ title and make the other guests look bad. No hostess wants to fake gush over something that screams last minute (scented candle) and since Takashimaya on Fifth Ave closed there’s no go-to hostess gift store. The following gifts are the perfect blend of personal and applicable to anyone. Gift giving is an art and as in every medium, you have to provide what they don’t know they want. Whether you’re spending the weekend at a family friend’s vacation house or crashing on your sister’s couch, these gifts will ensure your Favorite Guest streak continues. Always make your bed, refill the Brita, and bring a present.


Poolside Bags

Who wouldn’t want a straw bag (or hat) with customizable, stitched verbiage. Fans include Reese Witherspoon, Gigi Hadid, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Pick from “I got 99 problems but a beach ain’t one,” “Out of office,” “HAPPY,” and more. Be boring and get your host’s name or be fun and get something profane. Looks great with tiny Bella Hadid sunglasses.


Julie Houts

Dubbed ‘Instagram’s Favorite illustrator’, Julie Houts is hilarious and oh so talented. In her book Literally Me, artistry is matched ineffably by wit. She covers topics ranging from bobby pin struggles to white privilege. Her illustrations wear kick flares and off-the-shoulder jumpsuits and have the same non-problem problems as yourself. Comments on her Insta include “too real,” “omg this is us,” and “so accurate!” Any coffee table would be lucky to showcase Literally Me.


Rachel Zoe Box of Style

This is such a guest power move: send your gift ahead of you. Do it when you’re staying at your boyfriend’s parents. You will necessarily go up in his mom’s esteem – but that doesn’t mean she’ll like you. It’s everything you want in a hostess gift -low effort, high impact. The merch included is *supposedly* worth hundreds of dollars and it arrives nicely packaged. Added bonus, anything the recipient doesn’t like (fringe earrings, batiked towel, Kate Somerville moisturizer) is significant enough to make a great re-gift.


AERIN x Williams Sonoma Champagne Bucket

Aerin Lauder + Williams Sonoma is the hostess-est collection of all time. This collaboration is basically a no fail collection of hostess gifts. My second favorite piece is the Figural Leaf Cheese Board.


Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

There is no higher compliment than being asked, “What’s your skincare routine?” Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag Mask will prompt such a question. This mask is worthy of all the hype it received. It’s a must have for anyone partial to #shelfies – looks great next to your Drunk Elephant and Tata Harper. I like to use Summer Fridays as the last step in my nighttime routine so I can revel in niacinamide and antioxidants overnight. It’s truly rejuvenating/restorative/whatever-buzzword happens-to-ensnare-you. Your trendy and soon to be glowy hostess will thank you.


Compartés x Kelly Wearstler BIJOU Chocolate Bar

Kelly Wearstler’s confectionary collaborationis inspiringly on brand. The vegan dark chocolate with glittery sugar crystals is an objet d’art in and of itself. So much the better if it’s too pretty to eat.


The Laundress x John Mayer

An out of left field collab has brought together John Mayer (purveyor of quotable phrases such as “sexual napalm” and “Your body is a wonderland”) and The Laundress. The resulting product is Out West Laundry Detergent and Fabric Fresh. In keeping with John’s weird Montana/poncho/braided belt phase, 50% of the proceeds benefit the Montana Association of Land Trusts.


Fenty Body Lava

When it comes to gifts, the more frivolous the better. The sole purpose of this exceptionally frivolous product is to luminize skin – an entirely fabricated concept. Make sure you DM your hostess Rihanna’s Body Lava tutorial (and parodies).


Stamp Holder

Pairs well with banker’s lamp and leather desk blotter. What’s more lockjaw than a brass stamp holder? It’s the pinnacle of Thurston Howell III-dom and it’s amazing. Your hostess will be flattered that you think of her as a woman of leisure with penpals to answer between luncheons.


Kate Schelter Watercolor Print

Kate Schelter paints an Old Bay canister and it’s art. She is the exemplar of the word ‘lifestyle.’ The cultural artifacts that serve as her subjects include Sperrys, Range Rovers, hydrangeas, and wooden tennis racquets – perfect for your Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard hostess.


Written By: Sanibel Chai

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