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Jul 18

The Easiest Way To Get Your Dream Butt…No Squats Required

Thanks, no doubt, to the dawning of the age of Kardashian, big booties have never been more covetable (although, hey, Sir Mix-a-Lot knew the deal way ahead of his time).

While the widely-accepted way to amp up your derriere has always been le squat, it’s not always the most effective. Sure, squats definitely help build muscle (in your glutes and quads), however, it is all too easy to turn your squat into a quad-dominate exercise – especially if you’re using weights. Long story short, you’re working the wrong part of your body.

So how do we make sure to target that gluteus maximus? This new dream machine is a start…

The DB Method (DB as in ‘Dream Butt’) was created by Erika Rayman to improve your backside with a machine that isolates the glutes, and stabilizes your hips and core. The best part? It’s super affordable, compact, and portable enough to take on vacation. That explains why a jet-setter like Khloe Kardashian herself has already fallen in love with it.

A home gym must-have, the DB Method is also a great all-in-one, as you can also utilize it to tone everything from your obliques to your arms. Add it to your daily workout routine for at least 10 minutes and you’ll start seeing the difference.

Of course consistency is key, so no skipping days! Get ready to feel (and look) like a Kardashian (no lip fillers required).

Get it HERE for $199




Written By: Raya O’Neal

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