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Jul 18

The Day-To-Night Staple Fit For All Seasons

Though fight it we might, the seasons come and go in a New York minute. But whether you’re in shorts and sandals or a puffer and boots, there’s one classic, versatile wardrobe staple that never stops working. Tagging along with four of our favorite girls-about-town, we’ve the inside scoop on how they work their cashmere from morning to night.

But not all cashmere is created equal, of course. The highest quality around, Naadam is the softest, most durable cashmere on the market (not to mention totally eco-friendly and completely fair trade).

Click through for all the sartorial inspiration you need for moving from the gym to work to a night out!

[Photos by Yumi Matsuo]


From Home Office…

Stephanie Nass – AKA Chefanie – is hands down one of the busiest girls we know. “I wake up early (usually 5:30am) to exercise and do emails before the craziness of business hours – and then catering hours – begins.” At the helm of an ever expanding entertaining empire, the millennial Martha caters some of the chicest events in the city, runs her own members-only dinner club, and has her own line of customizable cake sheets. Clearly, she’s a no-detail-too-small type of girl. And most annoyingly of all, she makes it all look impeccably easy.

Whether she’s baking up a storm, sending out cakes or painting menus for an upcoming soiree at her gilded birdcage of an Upper West Side apartment – decorated, of course, to perfection – comfort and style are key. “Day-to-day I go from the kitchen to client meetings to formal events, so I choose outfits that minimize the number of costume changes and maximize my confidence.”

Opting on the day of our visit for a soft, feminine ruffled dress, her look is a just-right, Goldie Locks recipe of equal parts charm and comfort.

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To A Night At The Ballet

When the workday is done, and all the cake boxes have been sent out, and all emails have been read and responded to, what more glamorous way to spend an evening than all done up at Lincoln Center?

“I choose to live near Lincoln Center because I love classical music. I’d have to say my ideal night is going to the philharmonic followed by dinner at Fiorello’s.”

Add in an après-performance stop at a gelato cart for a sweet fix, and you’re living the dream.

To elevate even an already formal look, a luxe silk-cashmere wrap slung elegantly around the arms will always do the trick. Even on a warm summer night! After all, one should never underestimate the air conditioning indoors, especially at a theatre. Trust, bare armed, goose bumped girls will be jealously eyeing you up and down wishing they had something as perfect to wrap up in.

Not to mention it’s the classiest way to add a chic pop of color to any ensemble.

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From A Bari Workout…

If you follow Dria Murphyon Instagram (which you obviously totally should!), you know full well that not a day goes by she’s not kickstarting her morning with an impressively healthy (in-your-non-lazy-dreams) regimen.

“I always begin my day by taking some organic supplements from Well Told Health and getting in a good workout. The Bari Studio in Tribeca has sculpt and bounce classes that are my favorites – the perfect combination of cardio and toning.”

Rolling out of bed and into the nearest cafe for a matcha latte before working up a sweat need not be a style-less endeavor. Throwing on an easy, wardrobe essential such as an open v-neck sweater over your sporty spice attire will make you feel worlds better about yourself, and far more photo ready for any #fitspo snaps.

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In true New York style, Dria Murphy’s work days make even her most supercharged workout look like a walk in the park. Since founding her PR and branding company Alise Collectiveback in July of 2015, she’s been the go-to girl behind some of the coolest projects and experiences in New York, the Hamptons and beyond.

Working for yourself, while admittedly the dream, is quite the hustle. But all work and no play? Not the storyline here. Don’t let her high wellness score fool you!

“For happy hour, I’m normally super casual. Since I’m pretty much always coming from work meetings, I’ll just throw on a pair of heels and statement earrings and I’m ready to go!”

An easily dressed up style staple that goes from an early morning workout, to mid-afternoon meetings, to a fun round of cocktails with friends at The Happiest Hour. Can’t ask for better mileage, no?

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From Street Style Shoots…

As far as sister-duos go, you’ll be hard pressed to find as stylish and cool a pair as Sophie and Charlotte Bickley. The brunette/blonde team is all about celebrating their individuality, sharing their unique and original styles with their gaggle of followers on their popular blog, Yin 2My Yang.

Street style experts forever documenting their adventures in fashion, these two know more than just a thing or two about pulling together an outfit and striking a pose. Some stop and smell the roses, others stop to snap a selfie. Between meetings and emails, they always find time to fit in one or two impromptu photoshoots highlighting their enviable looks du jour.

silk cashmere camisole and short set proves every bit the summer win for Charlotte when accessorized with a pair of trendy cat eye sunglasses, and a cheeky clear handbag. And for Sophie, it’s all about a soft hoodie styled with an edge.

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To Painting The Town Red

After a busy evening of pinballing between fashion events – never doubt that somehow all the best parties always happen on the same night – it’s hard to settle home so easy. Old Rose at the ever-hip Jane Hotel is a late night favorite that never disappoints.

When the sun sets but your schedule doesn’t stop, a quick, strategic outfit change is in order. Swapping her boyfriend jeans and gold top for funky statement pants, and a particularly fun sequin strappy situation, Sophie’s cool girl off-duty standard – a black, uber soft cashmere hoodie – still fits the fashionable bill.

For Charlotte, it’s a denim skirt and mules that completely change the look of her chic lightweight cami.

There’s much to be said for being the most fashionable woman in a room. But if you’re also not the most comfortable, what’s the point?

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Written By: Christie Grimm

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