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Whipped Pineapple Pops:
By Natalie Monson
Whipped Pineapple Pops


If you have ever been to Disneyland, they have this amazing thing called a Dole Whip.  It’s like a fluffy, creamy tangy pineapple treat that people actually wait in line for 30 minutes for.  My sister is visiting from Texas and she loves to cook and try new recipes, and so the other day we attempted to recreate our own Dole Whip and in the process ended up making it into popsicles from our creation.  And so glad we did

There are a couple of ways you can do this.  You can either use crushed pineapple or fresh pineapple.  We chose to use crushed since that is what I had on hand.  This Whipped Pineapple Pops Recipe makes quite a bit of ‘whip’, so you can cut it in half if you aren’t making it for very many people.  We used 2 – 20 oz cans of crushed pineapple.  Drain one can and include the juice of the other can.  Whenever I buy canned fruit, I always buy ‘Naturally Sweetened’.  The fruit that is canned in syrup contains a lot of extra sugar and so make sure you buy naturally sweetened.  If you are using fresh pineapple, you will probably need an entire pineapple, cut up into chunks.

Whatever pineapple you decide to use, place it in a high powered blender.  If you like a little more tart flavor you can add the juice of a fresh squeezed lime.


Kids will definitely love these pineapple pops!

If your pineapple isn’t very sweet, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of your favorite sweetener, but it isn’t necessary.  Blend until it is a smooth, frothy consistency.

A great way to eat pineapples by making it into popsicles!

The next step is to combine with your creamy ingredient.  We used cream that we whipped because we were going for an extra fluffy rich texture.  But you can also use almond milk, coconut milk (full fat works best) (think pina colada – yum!) half and half, or whatever you prefer.

Your favorite pineapple dessert, made into a popsicle!

If you use whipped cream, you can put the mixture in the freezer for a bit and just serve it as a ‘Dole Whip’.

Turn your favorite pineapple dessert into an amazing popsicle!

Otherwise, pour your mixture into popsicle molds and you have Whipped Pineapple Pops!